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Antique Tool Auction

April 13, 2019


  1. 1902, 160Lbs. Blacksmith’s anvil w/ Eagle on anchor embossed trademark. The anvil is painted gray, G. 25” X 4” (wide across top) X 11 ½” Additional Photo: One
  2. Small ladle swage block w/ 6 various bowl swages & various swage forms on rim. 14 ½” X 4” X 7 ½”, F. – G.
  3. Square combination swage block w/ 3 ¾” ladle/bowl swage, square hole, 3 – various round holes, 2 – rectangular holes & combination of forms on rim. 11” X 2 ¾” X 11”, G.
  4. Standard combination swage block w/ 6 – various square holes, 7 – round holes, rectangular hole & combination of forms on rim, 13 ½” X 13 ½” X 5”
  5. Peter Wright, England, patented anvil, marked 1-0-26 stone weight = 138Lbs., 24” X 4 ¼” (top) X 10 ½”, G-Vg. Additional Photo: One
  6. Monstrous, square swage block w/ 4 – various square holes, 2 – rectangular holes, 6 – graduated round holes & extensive rim forms, G. 19 ¾” X 19 ¾” X 4 ½”. Antique millstone dolly w/ iron wheels Additional Photo: One
  7. Early blacksmith’s tool rack w/ single drawer & hardy shelf, Vg.
  8. Massive 10” cannon ball, G.
  9. Heavy ladle & spoon swage block w/ 3 – egg shape spoon swages, 2 – ladle swages & bowl swage on reverse. The rim has 3 odd conical swages. 12” X 11” X 5”, F-G. Additional Photo: One
  10. 7 ½” Cannon ball, Vg.
  11. 2 – Small cannon balls: 4 ½” & 3 ½”
  12. Square combination swage block w/ 1 – ladle bowl swage; 5 – various square holes; 4 – round holes; 2 – rectangular holes. The outside rim is loaded w/ various swage forms. 15” X 15” X 3 ¾”
  13. Massive, blacksmith anvil, marked 2-2-25 stone weight = 305 Lbs. 29 ½” X 5 ¼” X 12 ½” Additional Photo: One
  14. 2 – Early account day ledgers: 1. 1836-1844, account ledger of Myron Finch & E.P. Whitmore, New York; 2. 2 – small day books of Thomas Dreisbach & David Wentz; 3. 1900, mostly J.W. Guisewite (Centre County, Pa.)
  15. 3 – Tool related books: 1953, Disston & Sons manual, Vg.; Champion Blower & Forge Co., Lancaster, Pa. #52 catalog, G.; H.B. Wooden Planes in 19th Century America, by Ken Roberts, G+
  16. 3 – Hand wrought boot scrapers: arch mounted horseshoe shaped  scraper w/  scroll rounded tips, G;  decorative base mounted arch top w/ decorative scroll design on inside of arch, old paint, rusted F-G; small base mounted H-design w/ scrolled tips, G.
  17. 2 – Hand wrought tools: 10 ½” froe, F –G; 14 ¾” mast makers’ drawknife, F-G
  18. 7 – Assorted hand wrought blacksmith’s twisting wrenches, F-G
  19. 2 – Blacksmith’s tools: D.K. Biehl, Maker Reading, Pa. (attributed to Daniel K. Biehl, 12th ward, Reading), sledge mallet, G+; double nail header, G
  20. 8 – Assorted brass & glass engine oilers, F –Vg;
  21. 2 – Tools: Blacksmith’s twisting bar w/ round 7-hole plate, G; J.M. King, Waterford, NY. #47 adjustable threading die & 6 associated, King & Co. taps,
  22. 8 – Assorted brass & glass engine oilers, F-Vg
  23. Stanley Bailey #6-C fore plane, post WWII w/ rosewood handle & high knob, G-G+
  24. 3 – Edge tools: J. Case, Watertown, ¼” side bead wooden molding plane, Vg; 2 – bench chisels, Vg.
  25. Millers Falls #18 fore bench plane, NIB
  26. Stanley Works, England,  #748A ½” breast drill, Vg. w/ original box
  27. Lufkin #C1276D-100ft. “Peerless” chrome-clad tape measure, NIB
  28. 2 – Belknap “Bluegrass” claw hammers w/ original handles: 12oz., E; 16oz. Vg.
  29. 2 – Drilling devices: Millers Falls #5A hand drill, E. w/ #77A hand drill box; Millers Falls #772-10” ratchet brace, Vg+
  30. Tray lot assorted tools: Lufkin, England, #752B-2ft. 4-fold “blind-man’s” wooden rule, E; 2 – Stanley #25 screwdrivers, Vg+; 3 – Stanley #45 screwdrivers, G-Vg+
  31. 3 – Stanley measuring devices: #49 bit gauge, NIB; pr. #4TP trammel points, NIB; #95 butt marking gauge, Vg
  32. 2 – Tools: Sand’s Level “Tell the Truth” #24-24” cast metal level, Vg+; Sanderson-Kayser “The British” 14” mitre/back saw, Vg+
  33. 3 – Saws: Ma-Da, Germany, adjustable frame coping saw, Vg; Atkins #25-10” dovetail w/ round turned handle, Vg; Disston & Sons, Philadelphia, Pa. #68-10” dovetail w/ turned handle, Vg
  34. Tray lot assorted tools: Millers Falls #1250 SS combination square, Vg; Lufkin “Red End” #X46X- 6ft. folding rule, Vg; Brown & Sharpe #34, 1941 catalog, G+; Millers Falls #42, 1938, catalog, G+-Vg
  35. Stanley #862 oak tool cabinet, missing tools. Cabinet has hinge mounted door & interior drawer w/ brass pull, G (lock missing & catch latches added)
  36. 2 – Wooden levels: “Akron” Baker-McMillen Co. 30” brass tipped, G+; 29 ½” mahogany adjustable level, marked G.W. Bechtel on ends, Vg
  37. Stanley Bailey “sweetheart” #5 ½ -C jack plane, G-G+
  38. 2 – Stanley Bailey bench fore planes, G-G+: “sweetheart” #6; “sweetheart” #6-C
  39. 2 – Stanley bench planes: R&L Bedrock #605 jack w/ arch rails, G+; Bailey “sweetheart” #5-H (heavy rail) jack, handle crack, G+
  40. Tray lot assorted tools: military issue, letter/number punch set in green painted wooden tool chest, G+; Stanley #103LB-2 1/8” hole bit, in original box; Stanley #30 angle divider gauge, F+-G; Stanley “defiance” #1222 ½ combination square, G.
  41. “Lewin”, England,  #615 universal combination molding plane w/ original wooden tool box, G+
  42. 3 – Shaves: Tuell, Melzer, Penn Yan, NY, pat. 10/27/1863 double edge, marked Pat., G; Simons, “Gull-wing” shoe shave, patented 11-17-1868, on cap, missing set screw, G; “The Cin’ti. Tool Co. 2 3/8” shave, G+
  43. 2 – Stanley edge tools: R&L #66 “Universal” hand beader, NIB; England, #151 adjustable spoke shave, E
  44. 3 – Various spoke shaves: dbl. hollow/straight, G; A.A.W. & S. Co. #1 adjustable w/ spring tension, G; unsigned 2” w/ cast iron open grips, Vg
  45. Stanley #45 combination molding plane w/ 2 – racks of cutters, G
  46. 5 – Assorted iron block planes: Bailey “Victor” 7 ¼” w/ embossed trademarked screw cap, F-G; 2 – Stanley w/ star caps, F-G; Keen Kutter: #KK120 w/ adjustable lever, Vg; #KK220, G+
  47. Stanley “sweetheart” Bedrock #603-C bench jack w/ square top rails, rosewood handle & high knob, G+-VG
  48. Stanley Bailey #6-C bench fore plane w/ 1910-12 arch strike, rosewood handle & low knob, G+
  49. 13 ¾” Handled infill jack plane w/ maple wood infill. The rail has high arch w/ decorative scroll behind wedge pin, and the infill is fastened w/ brass screws. The plane iron is Buck Bros. G-G+ (lever cap is not original)
  50. 2 – Wooden molding planes: unsigned, slide arm plow plane w/ maple wedge & turn-peg stop screws, G+-Vg; (Maker??), Pittsfield, toothing/block plane, G+
  51. Tray lot 8 – assorted chisels, G+-Vg: 2 – “Dog’s leg” bent shank firmer gouges; 6 – assorted carving chisels (2 – curved shank gouge)
  52. Stanley R&L #85-2ft. 4-fold ivory rule w/ nickel silver square joint, G+ (small interior crack to rail near square joint)
  53. C.S. & Co. #78 ½-2ft. 4-fold wooden rule w/ brass dbl.-arch joint, Vg
  54. 4 – Wooden rules: Lufkin #066A red-end 6ft. folding rule, NIB; 3 – U.S. Standard, small 2” cotton staple rules, Vg
  55. Key-chain w/ selection of spark plug adjusting wrenches: Auto-lite; Delco; Eisemann; Rem.; etc.
  56. C. Sholl, pat. 3/8/1864, rosewood marking gauge w/ 4 – slide-arms, boxwood stop screw & sliding brass mortise gauge, G+
  57. 2 – Tools: Parlin, Sheffield, rosewood & brass mortise gauge w/ ball & dart brass inset screw plate, Vg; unsigned 5” “Gent’s” drawknife w/ walnut egg grip handles, Vg
  58. 2 – Saws, & reproduction tool broadside: rosewood & brass saw pad, marked G. Gold, G+; Crown Hand Tools, Sheffield, narrow kerf back saw w/ turned rosewood handle, E.; 1981, reproduction of 1890, Buck Brothers, Millbury, Mass. printed broadside
  59. Norlund, belt hatchet w/ original leather edge guard/sheath, Vg
  60. 2 – Measuring devices: The Level Mfg. Co. grade level w/ 2 – degrees marked gradient dial, 18” w/ corner 45% notch, Vg; Sargent, 36” lumberman’s 6-tier board foot rule, G+
  61. Atkins, 18”-10pt.  Flooring saw, Vg.
  62. 2 – Iron frame levels,: Stanley R&L, Nicholson Patent, pat. 5-1-1860, 19 ¼” w/ wider lower rail, G-G+; Millers Falls, 24” w/ radiator paint on open work cast frame, G
  63. 18th Century hand wrought side broad hatchet w/ early off-set handle, possibly signed, G.
  64. 2 – Early, hand wrought drawknives, G: 8 ¼” straight back w/ 3 – various punch strike (1 – heart); 8” stop chamfer w/ rare wrought iron grips
  65. “Bushwhacker’s” double edge hatchet w/ blade riveted in clover leaf saddle. Original wooden handle is cracked. The bladed has X punch strikes, G
  66. 5 – Assorted hat maker’s leather or felt forming tools: 3 – floral design; 2 – leaf design, F.
  67. Tray lot assorted bench related tools: diamond head vise screw/ machine thread & pointed tip; 2 – drive-in hold downs, F & Vg.; 2 – bench dogs (1 – spring side); 16th or 17th century diamond head spiral turned vise screw, F
  68. Hand wrought chair-maker’s howel/adze, marked Desire Leon, G+
  69. 3 – Cooper’s tools: S. G (?) Baltimore, adze w/ 3” edge, G; 2nd relic pitted long billed adze w/ rectangular eye, very early form, G; P. Gobelle, hoop dog w/ solid iron handle, Vg.
  70. 2 – Early hammers: octagon poll claw hammer w/ strap braced handle, Vg; saddle maker’s French swan’s tail hammer w/ brace handle,
  71. Giant Alms House or Jailhouse lock w/ 1” X 1 ¼” deadbolt. The box is massive, 12” X 8 ¼” w/ 3 ¼” end plate. The lock includes original 14” long key.
  72. 2 – Wooden housed deadbolt box locks: 1st 17th or 18th century large oak house lock w/ inlaid spear tipped spring catch and facetted plate slide bar keepers (missing key). Box is 12” X 6” (note* - plate 107 of Early American Wrought Iron); 2nd 18th century walnut cased surface mount deadbolt w/ iron key escutcheon & edge mount decorative plate. Lock retains early white over red paint (no key)
  73. Assembled set of early exterior door hardware: pr. hand wrought L-H wrapped hinges w/ 9 ¼” H mount & original red paint; iron box lock w/ spring operated latch & key operated deadbolt. The lock has brass egg grip knobs, G.
  74. Fine pr. chest strap hinges w/ bird’s head cusp & file work chamfered edges. A great pair of Pennsylvania hinges. 10 ¾” strap w/ off-set mount
  75. 2 – Pr. of early hinges: 1st pr. of side-mount shutter hinges w/ decorative ball topped spire form cusp. The hinges have file work chamfered edge, G; 2nd fine pr., Moravian type “Pancake” pin-joint inset shutter hinge w/ decorative butterfly wing mount. The “Pancake” is a budding tulip design, and has extensive file work accent.
  76. 2 – Pr. of wrought iron hardware: 1st fine pr. pin-joint “Fleur-de-Les” butterfly hinges w/ extensive file work & open scroll design, Vg; 2nd fine pr. shutter fasteners on square plate mounts w/ rattail handles, Vg.
  77. Fine 17th or 18th century hand wrought coil spring operated latch lock w/ openwork decorative mounting plate. The latch has knob & is operated by drop-handle
  78. Fine hand wrought shutter bolt bar w/ openwork heart design mount plate. The bar has high round biscuit knob on turned shaft. The plate has extensive spear tipped floral design w/ central double-heart deign, some repair, Vg.
  79.  3 – Pr. early wrought iron hinges: 1st pr. butt hinges w/ blacksmith mounted pennant on 1 side member, G; 2nd pr. pin-joint strap hinge w/ butterfly mount, F & G; 3rd pr. 7” H-hinges, G+
  80. Tray lot assorted wrought iron Conestoga wagon hardware: pr. “bird’s head” tail gate pin hasps; assorted bolts w/ ram’s horn nuts; & pins
  81. Tray lot assorted pin-joint butterfly hinges. Lot includes 2 pair & 3 – individual hinges
  82. 3 – Various hand wrought “Dengelstock (s)” scythe sharpening field anvils
  83. 4 – Early flax working tools: 1st odd 10-spike hatchel/ripping plate w/ center arch mount plate; 2nd dated 1823, flax hatchel w/ wriggle-work  tulip design & possible initial J.L.D., G-G+; 3rd Chestnut scutching (breaking) knife w/ wide flat blade & carved spur tipped grip, G-Vg; 4th 17th or 18th  century scutching knife, initialed M.L.P. on wide blade. The knife is odd form w/ sword type carved grip, F. (powder post beetle damage)
  84. 2 – Bone kitchen tools: 1st fluted pie wheel/crimper w/ carved fluted decorating tool on end of handle, G (crack to handle); 2nd  combination pie prick/thumb nail fluting tool w/ carved decoration, G+
  85. 6 – Assorted household/kitchen tools: Iron fluted pie wheel/crimper w/ bent shank wooden turned handle, G.; 3 – assorted wooden honey ladles; walnut handled brass fluted pie wheel/crimper, Vg; horn handle latch hook tool, G+
  86. 4 – “What’s It” medical tools: Dentist’s T-handle tooth extractor, marked Rose, Vg; J. Mossinger, Groningen, medical device expander tool w/ lg. turn-screw, Vg; 18th century ivory handle tweezer/extractor, Vg; ivory handle marking wheel, G
  87. 3 – Various tools: Pewter-smith’s brass spoon casting form, Vg; cast brass coal/ember shovel, G; early pr. hand wrought scissors w/ chalice punch strike, G
  88. Tray lot assorted tools & primitives: ivory handle line marker, marked Protected 19886, Vg; pr. R&H Boker, scissors w/ heart design on handle, Vg; wooden eye glass case w/ brass hinged hatch door; traveling merchants balance coin scales in tin case, G; late glass arrow point; Horn & Ellis, leather decorative wheel, G; etc.
  89. Unsigned, antique ivory architect’s 2ft. 4-fold rule w/ nickel silver arch joint, protractor gauge on joint, Vg
  90. Stephens & Co., pat. 1-12-1858, #36 combination 1ft. folding rule/level/bevel gauge, Vg.
  91. Tray lot assorted drafting tools: small mahogany tool box w/ drawer base, marked C.J. Hewlett & Son Ltd., on ivory/bone tag inside lid, G; 3 – wooden triangle/squares, F-Vg; 4 – assorted compass/dividers, G-Vg
  92. Unsigned, 19th century brass or bronze Jeweler’s lathe, 6”w. removable head that has wooden pulley w/ inlayed brass pin plate, removable tail stock, Vg.
  93. 3 – Jeweler’s tools: small stake anvil w/ combination screw threading plate shaft, Vg; 18th or early 19th century small hand vise w/ brass wing nut & tapered pencil point shaft, Vg; gemstone holder
  94. 4 – Early watch makers tools, G-Vg : Depthing tool; Douzieme gauge; (look at the picture)
  95. Early, Clock maker’s Jacot tool w/ fixed pin head stock & adjustable cup point tail stock on 5/8” bar. Tool includes adjustable tool rest, G
  96. Tray lot assorted jeweler’s tools: bench top anvil, marked Germany on base, Vg; German, jeweler’s frame saw w/ turned wooden handle, G.; Key-ring w/ graduated set of ring size gauges; wooden turned handle ring sizer; etc.
  97. Tray lot Jeweler’s & scientific tools: Haefliger Patent, Watchmaker’s Document microscope, pat. 6-24-1919, G-Vg; 3 – hand done document/drawing of precision lathe parts, marked P.M., 1945; small cork screw; tool handle; spiral drill, G
  98. 2 – Tools: early hand wrought veneer hammer w/ round poll & decorative file work around eye, tail has slight chip, G; unsigned piano tuner’s wrench w/ rosewood turned handle, Vg
  99. Tray lot assorted primitives & tools: Farrier’s stag handle hoof knife, Vg; large stitching needle w/ wooden handle; relic nutmeg grater; leather grip dagger; 2 – wooden hand pulley’s for unknown use, G; etc.
  100. Tray lot assorted brass items: early shaped mortar w/ cylinder shape & exterior rest/brackets, & cast brass pestle; Traditional turned brass mortar w/ flared rim (no pestle), Vg; 2 – unmatched candlesticks (1 – w/ push-rod)
  101. 2 – Watchmaker’s tools w/ original tool boxes: Poising tool, Vg; staking & removing tool kit, Vg
  102. Tray lot assorted watch maker’s tools: staking tool set in original wooden case, G; 2 – pin holder sets w/ original boxes; Diamond Weight Calculator, pocket guide, G.
  103. Tray lot assorted wooden tools: 2 – turned funnels, F-Vg; 2 – Instrument maker’s screw clamps w/ round clamp heads, Vg; wooden swing-out hanging bracket; fancy turned rosewood drumstick (???)
  104. Tray lot assorted tools: tinsmith’s box stake w/ 1 – arch end; small fuller stake; 2 – Farrier’s nail clinching irons; S-hook w/ rattail ends & twisted shaft; drive-peg horse tie
  105. 3 – Kitchen utensils: early brass & iron skimmer ladle w/ lg. flat bowl & extended iron brace. The handle has ball top eye hanger, F-G; primitive brass & iron spatula w/ pierced brass blade & hooked hanger, G; wrought iron triangular kettle tripod w/ wrapped feet, G
  106. 3 – Various T-handle wood threading taps, G+-Vg
  107. Wooden bit stock brace w/ 2 wooden housed bits, tool decorated & dated 1868, G+
  108. 2 – Wooden measuring devices: 16” cherry divider/compass w/ brass stop screw, brass bullet tip & chalk holder, Vg; 16” slitting gauge w/ 1” square beam, plane handle grip w/ wooden caster & wooden fence w/ wooden peg stop screw. The beam is calibrated to 12”
  109. 2 – Wood threading tools: 1st 7/8” wooden threading block w/ ball top threaded key, missing 1 end screw, G; 1 1/8” T-handle threading tap w/ wooden sheath, G-G+
  110. Bow drill w/ rosewood spool grip & bow w/ cherry turned handle (the bow appears top be made from old rifle bayonet or long dagger, Vg
  111. Smith made iron brace w/ 4 post lantern top knurl, G.
  112. 3 – Drilling devices: brass & bone handle bow drill spool, Vg; wooden grip bow drill spool, G; small cast iron hand drill w/ 2 1/8” gear wheel, G+
  113. Early, smith made iron brace w/ dipper shaped chuck & socket shaft iron cap knurl, F-G (some pitting)
  114. Early, smith made iron brace w/ 2-post lantern top knurl, chuck has 2 – stop screws, G
  115. 5 – Assorted iron spoke/shoe shaves, F-G
  116. 3 – Scrapers: S.E. Collins, pat. 6-1-1906, w/ wooden handle, G+; A.F. Cushman, Langdon Pat. 2-9-184, plane/box scraper, G; unsigned brass housing box scraper w/ turned wood handle, G.
  117. Flooring scraper/plane w/ partial patent date. The scraper has original long cherry wood handle & two adjustable draw handles for when long handle is removed. The scraper is probably missing angle/pitch roller gauge, G/
  118. 3 – Various tools: Providence Tool Co. triangular point scraper w/ 18 ½” socket handle, G; Colver Bros., Sheffield, brass back 14” mitre saw, F-G; 5” stair saw w/ cast iron handle, F-G
  119. 10 – Assorted plumb bobs, various weights (most cast iron), F-Vg
  120. 6 – Assorted unsigned spoke shaves, F-G
  121. 4 – Various, flooring or broad scrapers: Olson’s patent 3/11/1902, wood scraper, missing slide-over blade grip, G; 2 – unsigned w/ cast iron pitch-set head (1 – w/ Atkins & Co. blade), G; unsigned, G+
  122. 3 – Various fret/coping saws: USA, jeweler’s type adjustable frame, G; unsigned 4” w/ 7 ½” throat, G+; Bonum 500- 5” w/ 12 ½” throat, G+
  123. 4 – Assorted Disston & Sons, handsaws, F-G. (1 – “Pacemaker” model)
  124. 2 – Disston & Sons handsaws: #D111-26” w/ homemade walnut handle, G; #D23-25 ½”-5 ½ pt., Vg
  125. 3 – Handsaws: Walton & Co. #3-14 ½” w/ brass split-nuts, replaced handle, G; 2 - “King Phillip” #42-20” “swayback” w/ native chief, F+ & G+
  126. 3 – Handsaws: Keystone #K-6-26”-8pt. w/ speedboat graphics, G+; Keystone #K-3-22”-10pt. G.; Keen Kutter 14” key-hole w/ open grip, G+
  127. 3 – Handsaws: Bishop (?) reversible 16”, patented 1-2-1914, G; J. Carrington #3-18”-8pt. w/ brass split-nuts, G+; R.L. Neal, Parkersburgh, W.Va., 19 ½”-11”, G
  128. Berger, builder’s 10” “Dumpy” sight level, in original mahogany case, G+
  129. Union, oak machinist tool chest w/ lift lid upper tray compartment, & 2-3 over 2 drawer interior behind stow-away door, G-G+
  130. 3 – Edge tools: Union #7 bench jointer, F-G; unsigned duplex spoke shave w/ straight & hollow cutters, G+; unsigned spoke shave, Vg
  131. Match pr. Greenfield Tool Co., wooden screw arm, panel tongue & groove plane, G.
  132. W. Beatty & Son, Phila., 10” cooper’s bench axe w/ replaced incorrect period long handle, edge chipped & will need re-edge for use F-G
  133. Unsigned, 12” side broad axe w/ upper & lower lug & off-set hickory handle, steel laid on butt, G+
  134. Unsigned, double bit posthole mortise axe w/ center bit & 3 ¼” right angle tail edge, pitted (attributed to W. Brady by form)
  135. Collins & Co., Hartford, Ct. 12 ½” broad hewing axe w/ upper & lower lugs, cracked edge (do not use!!!), F-G
  136. Reynolds, 13 ¼” side broad axe w/ off-set handle, upper & lower lugs on narrow eye, surface pitting G
  137. Early, wooden homemade basket-maker’s spelk/splint plane w/ wooden forward draw & tail push handles. Plane has 3” unsigned iron, G.
  138. John Bell AGT, Phila. wooden handled panel raiser plane w/ moving sole & side rail fences, G+-Vg
  139. 3 – Wooden bench planes: 17 ¼” raise handle Lignum vitae jack w/ Eagle strike (Quaker attributed by owner), G; 11” coffin shape mitre/block, G; Owasco, 8 ½” block w/ brass plate throat, G.
  140. Early wooden panel raising plane, marked H. Darlington, F+-G (missing sliding sole fence)
  141. 5 – Edge tools: Transitional bench planes: Sargent #3411 raise handle jack, Vg; Union #23  block, G; Sargent #3408 block, F+-G; duplex (hollow & straight) spoke shave, F-G; Stearns spoke shave, F-G
  142. 3 – Wooden bench planes: T. Goldsmith, 2 ½” handled gutter plane, branded H.A. Piper, G+-Vg; 22” beech jointer, signed Rochester (unknown maker), G+-Vg; Sandusky Tool Co. #5 raise handle block, G+
  143. 3 – Wooden molding planes: unsigned cooper’s “Sun” topping plane, Moulson Bros. iron, G+-Vg; Golden Eagle #4 horned jack, Vg; homemade 13” case molding plane of walnut & fruitwood, G;
  144. 2 – Wooden plow planes: T.J. McMaster & Co., Auburn (w/ eagle strike) wedge arm, G-G+; Phoenix Co., Hitchcockville, slide arm w/ wooden stop screws, G+-Vg
  145. 3 – Wooden complex molding planes: B. Morrill (Bangor, Maine) reverse ogee/belection, Vg; Sandusky Tool, #74-1 1/8” ogee, Vg; Stothert, Bath, Quirk ogee w/ astragal bead, missing fillet strip, G
  146. 9 – Assorted wooden rabbet planes, F+-Vg. Makers include: Goldsmith; Sauder; Mockridge & Francis; I. Williams; etc.
  147. 6 – Assorted wooden side bead molding planes, G+-Vg. Makers include: Barry & Way; Roxton Pond; owner strike over maker’s mark; Nelson; A. Mathieson
  148. 5 – Wooden molding planes: owner M. Love, ogee, Vg; center grooving, replaced iron, G; double iron 1” nosing plane, Vg; Auburn Tool, ½” dado, missing knicker iron, F+; Howland, 7/8” dado, G
  149. 6 – Wooden jointer’s planes: Probasco, Phila. combination T&G, G+-Vg; 3 – assorted panel grooving; 2 – panel tongue; 1 – rabbet
  150. 5 – Assorted wooden molding planes: coach maker’s skew set rabbet, Vg; John Moseley & Son, London; shallow quarter round, Vg; 3 – side bead: Mockridge & Francis, G+; Doscher (overstrike by owner), G; (?), New York, F+-G
  151. 6 – Assorted wooden side bead molding planes, G-Vg: Goldsmith; Sargent; Z. Morgan (un-rated); A.C. Bartlett’s Ohio Planes; Mockridge & Francis; S.S. Barry, New York, full boxing
  152. J. Kellogg, Amherst, MS. wooden screw arm plow plane w/ boxwood screws, stops & knobs, Vg
  153. 7 – Assorted wooden molding planes, most hollow or rounds, G-G+. Makers include: G.A. Benton, block; D.R. Barton; Greenfield; etc.
  154. 2 – Wooden plow planes: J. Kellogg, Amherst, MS., slide arm w/ wooden stop screws, F-G; De Forest, Birmingham, screw arm w/ boxwood fence, threads, knobs, G. (threads rough)
  155. L. & L.J. White, 9” cooper’s paring shave w/ original grips, Vg
  156. 3 – Various drawknives: 10” head shave, signed P. Sch., G; unsigned, 10” stop chamfer, F-F+; I-(pictish alchemy symbol for iron)-S (Tannehill attributed to Lebanon Co.) 8” sag back, G+-Vg
  157. Pre-Historic, Native American granite/stone axe head w/ handle groove, probably repair to butt above groove
  158. 4 – Various tools: wooden brace w/ brass push button chuck & wooden knurl, G-G+; Brett Revex, France, trade axe head w/ square poll, G; wooden spoke shave, P-F; Irwin #2 lock-head expansion bit, NIB
  159. 2 – Stanley planes: R&L #23 transitional block plane, G+; #78 rabbet/fillister, G
  160. 5 – Assorted wooden molding planes: John Bell, Phila. block, F+-G; Sandusky Tool, skew rabbet, Vg; Sandusky, dado, F; etc.
  161. 2 – Wooden 22” bench jointer planes: D.R. Barton, G-G+; Ogontz Tool Co. F-G
  162. Unsigned, carpenter’s adze w/ full octagon poll, G+
  163. New Haven Edge Tool, 3” socket handle slick w/ off-set paring handle, G+
  164. 2 – Wooden bench molding planes: unsigned (probably Lancaster, Pa.) doubled wedge 22 ¼” plank style jointer, refinished; Sandusky Tool Co. #14-16” jack, G+
  165. 2 – Tools: Sheffield, 10” stop chamfer drawknife, G; Bemis & Call #35-16” adjustable wrench, marked P.S. Co., G.
  166. 3 – T-handled augers: Conrad #7-1 5/8”, G; (?), Phila. 1 3/8”, G+; Baldwin #10-2 ½” G
  167. Lg. ornamental cast iron stove plate, from 18th century 5 plate stove. The plate has embossed floral casting w/ fluted upper & lower borders, F-G (chipped corner). Ideal for use as fire back.
  168. Lg. ornamental cast iron stove plate, from 18th century 5 plate stove. The plate is a side panel w/ embossed decorative spire design, and the sides are embossed cast column shaped, F. (heavy pitting)
  169. Victorian era casting form w/ 8 fence toppers (possible Brunnerville foundry). The cast form has frame w/ chalk type mold form for display.
  170. 2 – Wooden coopered primitives: gray/green painted double grain measure, G; small powder/paint keg w/ 8 metal bands, heads are in place (unknown contents), F-G
  171. Tray lot non-tools: converted showcase made from small clock case w/ glass door that has mirrored lower panel, G; pr. – Lignum vitae bookends turned to look like maracas; cast chalk “Ghoul” statue
  172. Pr. Shaker type wooden stocking stretcher/dryers, size 10 ½, Vg
  173. 3 – Household primitives: Pennsylvania cow horn bowl w/ incised compass pinwheel on bottom & incised accent around rim. The bowl has crack & hole, but is very unusual early Pa. pc.; early 19th century, round tulip design butter print w/ deep recess carving. The piece is carved from round pine block, and has excellent oxidation to wood, G+-Vg; small wooden carved “Marriage” cookie board w/  carved design of two doves emerging from ball base that has central cross in ball (or globe). A rare find.
  174. 3pcs. Pottery: 1st unsigned redware bowl shaped cake mold w/ floral petal design. The baking mold has zig-zag fluted rim, small chip to rim; 2nd small Pennsylvania redware crock flared rim & clear glaze, F. cracked; 3rd salt glazed stoneware jar lid, Vg.
  175. 2 – Redware “Turk’s head” food molds: 1st Shenandoah Valley type cake mold w/ simplistic form & mottled manganese & green glaze finish, some chips from glaze; 2nd fluted swirl design w/ Albany slip & mottled manganese glaze, crackled finish.
  176. Tray lot assorted references: Antique booklets: The Blacksmith, Artisan within the Early Community, 1976, by PHMC; The Pennsylvania Germans a Celebration of Their Arts 1683-1850, Philadelphia Museum of Art; 2 – Albums loaded w/ The Chronicle, EAIA, 1977-1993; etc.
  177. Tray lot “What’s it” tools: graduated set of leatherworking smoothing blocks w/ center mounted turned handle & block w/ chamfered sides that have leather hide covering. G.; & homemade sand paper mounting block w/ horned grip, G.
  178. 2 – Hand wrought “Fishery” related tools: 1st eel gig w/ central shaft spears & 12” stirrup mounted barbed tines, P.-F (very early form); E&M, 9-tine clam rake w/ 8-stirrup mounted tines, F
  179. Tray lot assorted wrought iron tools/hardware: 1st lg. wagon combination pin/claw hammer, G; 2nd rounded spike style hoe head; 3 – assorted grappling hooks (1 – 4-tine, 2 – 3-tine)
  180. Tray lot assorted hardware & collectibles: 1st cast iron floral design mount/building tie; 2nd European form pierce-worked key escutcheon, G; 3rd small chest hasp w/ hook, Vg; 4th upper dominant thumb latch plate w/ turnip design upper cusp & clip base; 4th small cast ball gate closer weight, G.; etc.
  181. 7 – Assorted early keys: 17th or 18th century European church-house key w/ lg. round cross-centered medallion top; brass skeleton key; 2 – chest grabber lock keys; etc.
  182. J. Walker, “Improved” complete face mounted door lock w/ brass knobs, catch plate w/ brass; brass keys; & brass applied tag w/ Eagle on stem, Vg
  183. Tray lot assorted wrought iron hardware: pr. L-shaped side hinges w/ acorn cap cusp, F; pr. cabinet small strap pin-joint hinges w/ ball top cusps; 3 pr. hinge pintles; unknown coil spring item  w/ ram’s horn & heart design ends, G+
  184. Ornamental wrought iron fireplace crane w/ scroll tipped twisted iron brace. The crane arm is scroll tipped w/ small kettle hook end & has 4-various kettle notches on beam. The crane mount has scroll top bottom. Vg. The crane is a “Real Beauty”!!!!
  185. Giant wrought iron bar & hook kettle trammel, strap rail is 50” w/ thumbnail tool strikes, and hook is scroll topped w/ 40” bar, G
  186. 4 – Various primitive tools: James Cam – Marsh Brothers (w/ beaver trademark) 12” drawknife, G; hand wrought socket splitting wedge w/ “Pine-tree” tool strike & ring top wooden insert, G; T-handle meat/bale hook w/ turned handle, G.; home altered lathe knife (beading tool)
  187. African imported hollow log feed storage or milling barrel, 8” diam. Log w/ hollowed interior & wooden plug base
  188. 3 – Small wooden shaves: unusual, bird’s-eye maple & walnut “Smoker-back” interior bucket shave w/ iron plated sole, Vg; shoe maker’s heel shave w/ high arch handles & curved sole, Vg; maple coach builder’s edge router, marked F. Doweling, Vg.
  189. 2 – Small drawknives: Charles Buck, 4” straight back stop chamfer, G+; cooper’s 5 1/2” outside shave, F-G
  190. 2 – Complex wooden molding planes: Mathieson, Glasgow, two-iron high reveal 1 1/8” nose molding plane w/ fence, G+-Vg; Bywater & Arundell, 3-tier side bead molding, missing some fillet stripping, G.
  191. 2 – Wooden molding planes: Israel White, Phila. w/ tool strike, toothing block, G+-Vg; walnut wood 3 ¾” handled crown molding plane, marked S.S., blade unmarked, some rodent or bug damage to side of plane, G
  192. 2 – Coach builders routers: wooden yoke shaped double router w/ brass moving fences, 1-replaced wedge, G+-Vg; adjustable boxing router frame w/ wooden grips & brass sliding blade-mount, missing blade/iron, G
  193. Tray lot assorted tools: 3 – small winged dividers (1 – J. Buck), G+; 2 – stiff-joint outside calipers, G+; duplex caliper, G; inside & outside caliper w/ gauge bar, F-G; 3 – carving gouges; small straight carving chisel & 3 – awls, G-Vg
  194. Tray lot assorted machinist tools, G+-Vg. (please look at photo on website)
  195. 3 – Wooden molding planes: unsigned, chamfer block molding plane w/ adjustable wooden depth stop, missing iron, G; unsigned oak horned block plane, 8 ¼” w/ Buck Bros. iron, Vg; Josiah King, New York, two-iron adj. sash molder, G
  196. 8 – Assorted wooden joiner’s planes: 2 – match pr. tongue & groove plane sets: Owasco Tool Co., F (no irons); Sandusky Tool Co., G; 4 – various grooving planes, G-G+: D.P. Sanborn; John Ellsworth, Glasgow; J. Stiles (embossed strike); signed (?)
  197. 3 – Wooden molding planes: match pr. early Ohio Tool Co. handled screw arm panel tongue & groove planes, G-G+; T.J. McMaster & Co., Auburn, 1 ¼” handled panel plow plane, G+
  198. 2 – Brass tipped wedge arm plow planes: Arrowmammett Works, owner strike partially over maker strike, F+-G; Stothert, Bath, G+
  199. 6  - Various coach builders’ wooden molding planes: unsigned T-rabbet, Vg; 2 – unsigned, compass round, G+; 2 – compass hollow, G-G+; 4 ¾” long side round, Vg
  200. *Project lot: 3 – Wooden plow planes: 1st D.R. Barton, screw arm w/ boxwood knobs & stop screws, G. Akers owner strikes, G; 2 – wedge arm plows, F (1 – W. Parker)
  201. 5 – Wooden dado molding planes, G-Vg. Makers include: Josiah King, New York; Geo. Dennison & Co.; J.W. Gibbs; etc.
  202. 3 – Wooden smoothing block planes: 2 – horned blocks, Vg; walnut cooper’s back jointer/compass plane, F-G
  203. 6 – Wooden molding planes: match pr. – homemade oak sash molding planes w/ fence, Vg; W.C. side bead, replaced wedge, G+; J. Graham (unknown) ogee, G; small rabbet & small round planes, G
  204. Ohio Tool Co. #96 ½ handled screw arm plow plane, G-Vg
  205. 9 – Assorted wooden molding planes, G-G+: 2 – round: S. White; E. Preston; 4 – grooving planes (various makers); 2 – tongue plane (various makers); Hayes, Liverpool, halving plane
  206. 8 – Various wooden molding planes: 3 – homemade coachbuilder’s rabbet planes by same hand, Vg; 2 – center beads: Sargent & Co, Vg; The Higoin Mfg. Co., F-G; 3 – hollow or rounds, G-G+: (various makers)
  207. 10 – Assorted wooden bead molding planes: 2 – Marten Doscher & Co. center beads; 8 side beads, F-G., makers: Geo. Dennison; S.S. Barry, Auburn Tool Co.; Union Factory, H. Chapin; etc.
  208. *Project lot: 2 – screw arm plow planes: A. Baldwin, New York, 1 – knob & stop replaced, F-G; Ohio Tool Co. #106, F-G
  209. Lg. Gerstner & Sons, oak machinist’s tool chest w/ hinged lid tray top, 2 over 3 drawer interior behind stow away cabinet door, restored, Vg
  210. 2 – Stanley Bailey bench planes: #7 jointer w/ replaced handle, G+; #5 jack w/ blue painted deck, missing front handle screw, G.
  211. Record, England, #020C circular/compass plane, Vg-E.
  212. 2 – Edge tools: Stanley #151 adjustable spoke shave, Vg; Alumo #1A T&G (weatherstrip plane), G
  213. Tray lot assorted measuring devices: 10” winged divider, G; General trammel points in Starrett box; assorted machinist precision tools
  214. 2 – Drawknives: A. Brown (*?) 9 ¼” stop chamfer w/ egg grip handles, G+; G.L. Richards (Northumberland Co.) 10” stop chamfer, G
  215. 2 – Bailey bench planes: Millers Falls #14 jack, Vg; Stanley Bailey #4 jack w/ 1912-20 V-strike, G-G+
  216. 3 – Bench planes: Sargent #409 jack, F; Sargent #408 jack, G; unsigned, 8 ½”, Vg
  217. 2 – Bench planes: Stanley Gage #G5-C jack, G+-Vg; Goodall, 9” jack, G+-Vg
  218. 4 – Measuring devices: Stanley “sweetheart” 24” iron level, G; Starrett: #439-1” micrometer, Vg; 5” spring back outside caliper, Vg; 10” outside caliper, G+
  219. 2 – Bench planes: Sargent #710 auto-set jack, G+; unsigned 8 3/8” jack, chip to throat, F+-G
  220. 4 – Edge tools: 2 – socket handle firmer chisels, G& Vg; signed (?) bent shaft billhook, G; Roux, combination billhook/cleaver, Vg
  221. 2 – Stanley corrugated sole bench planes: R&L Bedrock #605-C jack w/ arch rails, rosewood handle & knob, G-G+; Bailey #3-C jack w/ V-strike, F+-G
  222. 4 – Stanley Bailey bench planes, G-Vg: “sweetheart” #3 jack; #3-C jack w/ V-strike; 2 - #4-C jacks w/ V-strike
  223. 2 – Stanley planes & parts: #191 improved rabbet, Vg; #12 veneer scraper, F-G (missing blade); rabbet/fillister fence; 2 – new-old-stock, 2” irons; #28-035 scraper, E
  224. 3 – Various block planes: Stanley “sweetheart” #140 skew rabbet/block, w/ 5 hole adjustment wheel, G+-Vg; #1130 (?) dbl.-ender w/ Stanley blade, G+; early Stanley #110 w/ embossed star cap (crack near knob), G
  225. 2 – Stanley Bailey bench planes: #3 jack, post WWII, Vg+; #5 jack, post WWII, G-G+
  226. Stanley Bedrock #606 bench fore plane w/ arch rail, embossed lever cap, rosewood handle & knob, Vg; & “Perfection” angle gauge, Vg.
  227. Tray lot 7 – assorted block planes, F+-Vg: Union #220; Chaplin’s Patent w/ saddle cap; Sargent #206, type 1; Keen Kutter #103; etc.
  228. 5 – Assorted small block planes, G-Vg: Stanley R&L #101; #104-3 ½”; late Millers Falls 3 3/8”; “no name” 4 3/8”; “no name” 3”
  229. 5 – Assorted block planes, G-Vg.: Stanley: 2 – R&L #103; #110 w/ star cap; #65 low angle w/ chrome knuckle-joint cap; Sargent #5206 pressed-steel low angle
  230. 2 – Block planes: Sargent #507 rabbet/block, G+-Vg; Stanley #130 dbl.-ender, G+-Vg
  231. 2 – Bench planes: Stanley Gage #4 auto-adjusting jack, Vg; unknown or “no name” jack w/ side mount side-bead molding attachment, F-G
  232. Stanley #72 chamfer plane w/ embossed patent April 21, 1885, on right rail, Vg.
  233. Record #077-3 7/8” bullnose/rabbet block w/ rosewood encased tote/handle, G+
  234. Lie-Nielsen, U.S.A., #212 cast bronze 5 ½” small scraper/block plane, Vg+
  235. Stanley R&L #10 carriage maker’s rabbet jack plane w/ arch strike circa 1902-1910, G+-Vg
  236. 4 – Assorted small claw hammers: Stanley 7oz. adze poll, G+-Vg; C. Hammond, 4 or 5oz. w/ octagon poll, Vg; Heller 7oz. bell poll, G+; Dunlop (?) 8oz. adze poll, F-G
  237. 4 – Wooden measuring devices: signed (?), Phila., cobbler’s  two-fold foot measure w/ shoe shaped head & fence, G-G+; unsigned cobbler’s shoemeasure w/ bill shaped fence & head, Vg; homemade/unsigned cobbler’s show measure w/ calibrated rail & brass mounted wooden fence, G+-Vg; unsigned combination triangle/square w/ calibrated rail, G+
  238. 4 – Wooden measuring devices: unsigned step-style siding marking gauge 14 tier fence, G+; E.W. Carpenter, Lancaster, 10” slitting gauge w/ Carpenter trademark shaped wooden stop screw, G-G+; unsigned 12” slitting/marking gauge, G-G+; unsigned 16” panel marking gauge w/ rabbet edged T-fence, G+
  239. Tray lot assorted measuring devices: Toledo Pipe Threading Machine Co., “The Toledo Center Finder” G+; 3 – pr. Stanley trammel points, G-Vg; Starrett protractor head, Vg; Brown & Sharpe, center head w/ box, Vg.
  240. Tray lot assorted leatherworking tools: Blanchard, Paris, cleaving knife w/ pewter grip accent, Vg; 2 – Rose, Phila. broad-head knives, G-Vg; F.C. Leypoldt, Phila., patent 12-18-1860, button hole cutter, Vg; Britton’s Patent 3-13-1894, rosewood handle tool holder, Vg; etc.
  241. 8 – Assorted small hammers: Fayette Plumb, 3oz. claw, Vg; Maydole, 10oz. rivet, Vg; 3 – various upholstery hammers, G-Vg; 2 – Grocer’s crate hammers, F-G
  242. Lg. tray lot assorted machinist precision tools (look at photo)
  243. Tray lot assorted leatherworking tools: 3 – Broadhead knives, G; Bridgeport Hardware, rosewood handle tool holder, Vg; Patent Improved tool holder, G-G+; King & Manning edge molding tool; etc.
  244. Lg. tray lot assorted machinist precision tools: pocket & line levels; hole gauge; gauge plates; right-angle screwdrivers; etc.
  245. Tray lot assorted tools: approx. 10lb. bench top anvil w/ hardy stake, G-G+; Jeweler’s round head ball-peen planishing hammer, G+; 2 – small machinist’s bottle jacks, vg
  246. Lg. Tray lot assorted machinist precision tools (look at photo)
  247. 3 – Brass bound wooden 2ft. four-fold rules: Upson Nut #62, Vg; C.S. Co. #62, G-G+; Stanley “sweetheart” #62, G-G+
  248. 4 – Wooden 2ft. four-fold rules: Chapin (?) brass bound w/ dbl. arch joint, F-G; H. Chapin “Union Factory” w/ arch joint & board foot gauge, G+; C.S. Co. #20 ¾ (?) 3 tier board foot rule, G; Upson #72 w/ brass square joint, Vg; rare, unknown maker folding rule blank. The blank has age & was never marked. It possibly was sent out to store unmarked.
  249. 4 – Wooden 3ft. four-fold rules: Stanley: #66 ¾ brass bound w/ brass arch joint, G+; 2 -  #66 ½ w/ oxbow joint, G & G+; Upson Nut Co. #66 ½ w/ brass arch joint, possible number placement error, Vg;
  250. 2 – Wooden folding rules: Rare, Stanley (unsigned) #58-2ft. six-fold w/ brass arch joint, G+-Vg.; Stanley R&L #78 ½-2ft. four fold, brass bound w/ dbl. arch joint, G+
  251. 3 – 1Ft. four-fold rules: Chapin #57 ivory & nickel silver, G+-Vg; Upson Nut #64, Vg; Upson Nut #55 w/ arch joint, G
  252. 4 – Wooden 2ft. four-fold rules: Upson Nut Co.: #62 ½ brass bound, G+; Upson Nut Co. #62 brass bound, G+; #53 arch joint, G-G+; Lufkin brass outer rail #771, Vg
  253. 4 – Wooden 2ft. four-fold rules: Standard Rule: #77 dbl. arch joint, G+-Vg; #79 square joint, G; Rheinland, combination standard/metric, G; Stanley R&L #81 w/ arch joint & lumber scale, G
  254. 2 – Wooden folding rules: Chapin-Stephens Co. #36 combination bevel/level/rule, F-G (hole drilled in square joint); Hubbard Hardware Co. #78-2ft. four-fold w/ lumber scale, G+
  255. 4 – Various vises: Stanley #743-2” bench vise, Vg; unsigned 2 ½” jaw vise, G+; clock makers’ 2 ½” jaw vise w/ thread shield & acorn end, Vg; Stubs, #22-7/8” jaw small bench mount vise, vg
  256. Holland (Joseph or John, York Co., 1831-48), broad squaring axe w/ upper & lower lugs, chip from butt, G
  257. Holland (Joseph or John, York Co., 1831-48), polless carpenter’s adze, w/ hardened steel on face of flat poll, Vg
  258. Holland (Joseph or John, York Co., 1831-48), full hewing axe w/ upper & lower lugs, short handle, G
  259. Holland (Joseph or John, York Co., 1831-48), octagon poll carpenter’s adze, G+
  260. Holland (Joseph or John, York Co., 1831-48), cooper’s aze, replaced handle, F-G.
  261. Cigar crate branding iron for J.W. Smith (*?) w/ 100, 18th district, G Additional Photo: One
  262. Holland (Joseph or John, York Co., 1831-48) 9 ¾” stop chamfer drawknife, Vg. Additional Photo: One
  263. J. Myers (attributed to John Myers, working 1850-60’s in Dover Twp., York Co.) upper bit posthole axe w/ lower lug, Vg.
  264. 2 – Posthole axe heads: center bit w/ lower lug, Brady, Lancaster, Pa. (William Brady & Co., Lancaster City), G; Rare form, dbl. bit rail maker’s axe w/ narrow knife & straight socket set posthole chisel, G.
  265. 2 – Hand wrought froes: 7 ½” heavy splitting froe w/ wrapped round eye, G+; small work, 6” froe w/ round wrapped eye, G
  266. 5 – Hand wrought “What’s it” tools: 2 – basket makers’ rod draw plates: 1st w/ 5 various diameter holes mounted to wood frame; 2nd 7 –hole draw plate, G; Damascus steel wrought thatch roofing tool (?); Thatching needle or hook w/ D-handle grasp & long narrow blade w/ hook/spur back;  pod style smoothing iron w/ hook top handle, Vg
  267. U.S. AMCO, fixed blade “Bowie” or “Raiders’” style knife w/ sheath. The knife has 11 ¼” blade w/ brass guard, walnut handle fastened with brass rivets. VG.
  268. 4 – Various cleaving knives: rare, Disston, Phila. patent 7-21-1868, combination mincing knife/cleaver,  Vg; GTE, lineman’s sheath cleaver w/ leather grip, Vg; unsigned #8 cleaver, G; hand wrought mincing knife, G
  269. 4 – Signed, hand wrought stone working tools: Holland (Joseph or John, York Co., 1831-48), millstone pick, Vg; G.W. Lawrence (attributed to George W., working in Adams Co. Pa., 1880), millstone pick, G; K. Brener (*?) coal/cold chisel; J. Stortz (Phila) stone dressers chisel, Vg.
  270. 4 – Hand wrought farm or Farriers related tools: hoof pick w/ long wooden handle that has horse hoof carved end, G+; butteris w/ chisel blade right angle weld set onto rod off-set handle, G+; primitive sickle w/ carved handle; rare, gardener’s undercut spear tipped weeder (small plow shaped on wooden handle)
  271. R. McElman (*attributed to Robert McElman, Robert found working near Spaulding Lake, Aroostook Co., Maine), signed hand wrought farriers butteris w/ shoulder stock carved handle, G+
  272. 5 – Hand wrought tools: stiff-joint outside 11” caliper, G; heavy hub gouge chisel w/ diamond faceted top & octagon shaft, G; Stortz (Phila.) off-set (board lifter) pry bar/chisel, Vg; Struthers (possible Henry, Mass.) stone chisel, Vg; Bagshaw & Field (Phila.) oyster knife, G+
  273. 3 – Holland (Joseph or John, York Co., 1831-48)Hand wrought edge tools:, 7” butcher’s cleaver w/ beaded grip turned handle, G+; carpenter’s adze head w/ octagon full poll, P; cooper’s bench axe, P. (extensive deep pitting)
  274. 2 – T-handle tapered reamers: Holland (Joseph or John, York Co., 1831-48), tip removed from tap reamer/auger, G; unsigned small nose tip reamer, Vg
  275. Rare, Pa. left hand “Goosewing” axe, made by un-attributed blacksmith w/ initials M.S. (*?) & re-edged by Holland (Joseph or John, York Co., 1831-48). The Axe has traditional tapered off-set socket handle w/ bevel top, tombstone arched beard (some cracking at top of beard), F-G
  276. 2 - Holland (Joseph or John, York Co., 1831-48) cooper’s drawknives: 8” “belly” stave hollowing drawknife w/ handles set at depth of gouge depth, G+; left handled 4”chamfer knife, G+
  277. 3 – Tools: 2 – hand wrought froes w/ round wrapped eyes, G (1 – signed, Elles?, possible Ebenezer Elles, Plymouth, Mass.); & wooden shaved froe mallet, G
  278. Coffin (*possible connection to well known blacksmith family in Martha’s Vineyard, Maine) cast steel, stone hammer, Vg. (double strike marked)
  279. 2 - Holland (Joseph or John, York Co., 1831-48), hand wrought drawknives, G: 10 ¼” & 10 ¾” (1 – earlier strike w/ backward N)
  280. 7 – Assorted tools: 3 – oyster knives: Briddell, USA (*Crisfield, Md.), Vg; J. Stortz & Son, 210 Vine St. (Phila.), G+; Philadelphia Tool Co., G.; 4 – various tool strike/punches: Mach. No.; Style No.; E.C. Roth; M.P. Co. G.M.
  281. 3 – Rare, small combination tool: J. Stortz & Son, Phila. Pa., “Pat. applied for” “The All-Together” bicycle combination/multi-tool wrench w/ screwdriver tip, Vg. (pat. 3-15-1898, by John T. Stortz & Harry L. Stortz); combination box hammer, marked pat. March 5, 1901, patented by C.E. Bonner, Vg; Bleuher, combination finger nail clipper/shear/knife, G.
  282. Bag assorted small tools &/or parts: AMT, 2 ¼” brass block plane w/ extended knob top handle, Vg; Reading Hardware Corp. trade advertising key shaped depth gauge; 2 – saw handle marking awls; assorted miniature tools
  283. 7 – Assorted knives: W.R. (?) folding 2 ½” grafting froe/knife, G+; 2 – ivory or bone handled scalpels: Miller Bros., Vg; & F. Ward & Co., Sheffield, G; 3 – wooden handle scalpels: Bell Systems, G; Utica Cutlery, vg; unsigned, G; Rodger’s Cutlers, spear tip scalpel/pen knife, Vg.
  284. Tray lot assorted jeweler’s/watch maker’s tools (look at photo)
  285. 3 – Early small tools: stag handle “Boot” knife w/ hand wrought blade; late era, button hole chisel w/ ½” blade on wood handle, Vg; hand wrought button hole chisel w/ 1 ½” edge on round rod shaft, G+
  286. 4 – Small or toy tools: hand wrought European type “Goosewing” axe w/ Masonic order type strike. The axe is fairly simple form, but has hardened edge, G+; wooden pulley w/ brass tag that has K in triangle strike; toy hack saw w/ wrought iron back, G.; stag handle gimlet
  287. 3 – Various tools: Keuffel & Essex Co., NY. (English made) pocket barometer in flip case, unknown if working G; Davis L & T Co. #38-4 ½”, iron pocket level w/ brass plate top, G+; iron lever operated rope stop/clamp, pat. march 25, 1890, Vg
  288. 5 – Various small levels: Stanley: #38 orange painted furnace level, G; 2 – patent 6-20-1890, machinist levels: 4” Vg; 6” G; round surface center level, Vg; L.S.S. Co. 4 3/8” iron level, G+
  289. 3 – Various combination squares: Brown & Sharpe Mfg. complete 12” w/ compass/protractor head & center finder head, G+; Starrett #36 Grad. Standard/metric, Vg; Lufkin Rule Co. 4 ¼” w/ cutting angle drill gauge, Vg
  290. 10 – Various 4 ¼” L. adjustable wrenches, makers: Armstrong; Crescent; Williams & Co; Craftsman; Blue Point; etc.
  291. 4 – Assorted tools: Stanley Handyman #H432 saw set, NIB; Stanley #91 two-arm marking gauge, G+; Pr. lg. brass trammel point w/ curved & straight points, Vg; Stanley patent 10-27-1903 angle gauge on wood arm, G
  292. Tray lot assorted tools: violin maker’s sound post setting tool, Vg; jeweler’s hammer; 3 – potter’s rakes; 2 – metal handle pick type tools; etc.
  293. Tray lot Cycle wrenches & spoke setting tools. The wrenches include: 2 – Indian motorcycle; Tribune Bicycle; 4” “alligator wrench” w/ screwdriver tip; Valve spring lifter; etc.
  294. 10 – Assorted implement wrenches, F-G. including: Planet Jr.; Jamesway; Peerless; McCormick; Farquhar; Buckeye; Universal Silo; Greenlee
  295. Tray lot assorted tools: Stanley #34 ½-12” straight rule, Vg; 3 – various hand wrought shears/scissors, F-G; Disston 5 ½” shears/scissor, Vg; Star Mfg. Co., pat. 2-2-1892, rug hooking tool, G+; wooden fish-net repair shuttle; etc.
  296. Tray lot assorted screw drivers: 1 – T-handle for split-nut screw tips; 1 – pat. April 22, 1873, tool holder w/ several various tips; 6 – assorted flat blades w/ pad style handles, G-Vg
  297. 7 – Assorted adjustable wrenches: Buzzell’s Patent T-handle slide-jaw, G; Lorraine Wrench Co. “Gates Bull” top screw adj., G; HandE Wrench Co., pat. 9-20-1921, Vg; etc.
  298. 4 – Various specialty wrenches: hand wrought piano tuner’s wrench (??); hand wrought “whale jaw” wrench; fireman’s wrench (?), patent 6-22-1883, G; Crown Germany Registered T-handle ratchet driver, G.
  299. 14 – Assorted wooden handle screwdrivers, makers include: Stanley; A.H. Reid; Knapp & Cowles Mfg.; Stanley R&L; Henry Disston & Sons; etc.
  300. Super rare, 18th century Scrivener’s straight edge rule. The rule is 13 ½” long walnut round edge rule w/ brass push tack/nail center line & 1 3/8” marking increments, hole drilled near end. Possibly converted for use as dip stick rule, but originally designed for scrivener to rest his hand on rule as writing and gauging from center point mark. G
  301. 4 – Various rulers: Upson Nut Co. #42-12” combination bevel/rule, Vg; Standard Rule Co. #42-12” combination bevel/rule, G+; nAntietam Paper Co., Hagerstown, Md. Trade advertising square combination printer’s rule, G+; octagon Pourgeois drafting rule (??), G.
  302. 3 – E.W. Carpenter, Lancaster, mortise/marking gauges, F-G: 1 – rosewood w/ boxwood slide & stop screw (slide damaged); 1 – bass wood w/ mahogany slide & stop screw; 1 – basswood w/ boxwood slide & stop screw, G.
  303. 4 – Wooden marking gauges: unsigned, Lancaster design (by Carpenter, Kieffer & Auxer, Remley, etc) 12” marking gauge w/ calibrated rule edge & typical design stop screw, G; unsigned, Lancaster design (by Carpenter, Kieffer & Auxer, Remley, etc), combination slitting marking gauge w/ partial strike, calibrated rule, & typical turned stop screw, G; unsigned stepped siding marking gauge, G; mahogany slide arm panel marking gauge, multiple owner strikes, replaced wedge, G
  304. 3 – Various wooden marking gauges: Z.J. M’Masters, Auburn, NY. boxwood gauge w/ arch top rail & side stop screw on arch top fence, Vg; unsigned, Mahogany slitting gauge w/ full brass plate & brass knife housing w/ brass wedge, side stop screw (similar to above M’Masters), G; Disston & Morss, Phila. rosewood & brass mortise gauge, G+
  305. 4 – Various tools: W.G. Hickok, Harrisburg, book-binder’s vise w/ bronze head that has bronze turn-screws on ends. The clamp/vise has turned handle, G+; brass 12” straight rule w/ engraved floral design, Vg; Stanley “sweetheart” #17-2ft. brass folding rule, G-G+; C.S. Dreisbach Foundry & Machine Co. trade  advertising wooden 2ft. zig-zag folding rule, Vg.
  306. Tray lot assorted drafting tools: Dietzgen #1771 slide rule, NIB; slide rule, NIB; York Corp. advertising slide rule, NIB; K&E: #1822P paragon rule, G; brass protractor, Vg; Bowen & Co. aluminum dividers, w/ case, Vg; ebony & brass parallel rule, Vg
  307. Tray lot assorted machinist tools (please look at photo): 2 - Starrett “last word” indicator w/ case; Stubs screw plate; Brown & Sharpe #554 small T-square; etc.
  308. Tray lot assorted machinist tools (please look at photo): Mitutoya dial micrometer; Mitutoya dial caliper, Vg; Mitutoya magnetic base, NIB; machine top level, G; Brown & Sharpe, center square, G; 
  309. 2 – Manila Cordage/rope gauge rules: 1st trade advertising rule for Edwin H. Filter Co., Philadelphia Cordage Works w/ Manila & Jute rope weight gauge on reverse, Vg; 2nd John Roebling & Sons Co. w/  Roebling rope gauge on reverse, G.
  310. 2 – Trade advertising wooden 2ft. four-fold rules: Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co. on reverse of Upson Nut Co. #68, G; Listers Standard Fertilizer on reverse unsigned, Vg
  311. 6 – Assorted trade advertising rules: ACCO Registered Slings, Chain, & Wire Rope on Stanley 6” caliper rule, Vg; Evans & Co. on made in USA #6-6” caliper rule, Vg; Marine Equipment & Supply Co. on Executive 4” caliper rule, Vg; P.F. Eisenbrown Sons Co., Inc. Reading, on vegetable ivory zig-zag metric & standard 2ft. rule, Vg; J. Foster Stambaugh on P.A. & S. Small Co., York, tape measure, NIB; Red Lion Tool & Engineering Co. pocket tape measure, NIB
  312. 2 – Folding Rules: Upson Nut Co. #38-6” two-fold ivory caliper rule, G; Thos. Harris & Son, London, 12” two-fold wooden rule w/ star gazing sector rule gauge, G+
  313. 3 – Upson Nut folding rules: #63-2ft four fold ivory inlay, Vg; #32 ½-12” four-fold caliper rule w/ arch joint Vg; #69-2ft. four-fold wooden rule, Vg
  314. 3 – Various rules: Aston & Mander Makers, two-fold square 6” divided into 36 parts (?), Vg; Kerby & Bros. 5” wooden caliper slide rule, G+; Snell & Atherton, Fig. 13, patent 2-23-1904, brass 3” shoe heel gauge, VG.
  315. 4 – Various small rules: 2 – Upson Nut 3” caliper rules (1 – marked Cleveland & Unionville plants), G+; Upson Nut Co. #57-12” four-fold brass bound w/ arch joint, G+; Stanley “sweetheart” #36-6” two-fold caliper rule, Vg
  316. 6 – Assorted small straight rules, Vg: 3 – US STD. cotton staple rules (2 – Queen & Co.); 3 – various Altender’s Instruments trade tools
  317. 4 – Various Upson Nut Co. wooden 2ft two-fold rules, G-Vg: #1 arch joint; #26 square joint; #18 square joint; #27 square joint
  318. 3 - Wooden 2ft. two-fold rules: N. Chapin, US Standard #40 w/ 4-tier board foot scale, Vg; Stanley #22 w/ 4-tier board foot scale, F-G; Standard Rule & Co. w/ 4-tier shrink rule, Vg.
  319. 2 – Stanley planes w/ original boxes: #75 “bullnose” rabbet, NIB; #271 router plane, NIB
  320. 4 – Transitional bench planes: 2 – Sargent #3408 block planes (1 – VBM model), Vg; Stanley R&L #21 block w/ eagle strike, Vg; Union Tool #515 handled block, G
  321. 3 – Stanley side rabbet planes: #98 right side, Vg; #99 left side, G+; #79 two-way, G-G+
  322. Stanley R&L #95 edge trimming block, Vg
  323. Early Stanley #2 bench smooth jack plane w/ out number on deck, G
  324. 4 – Various Stanley planes: #5 ¼ “sweetheart” “Junior” jack bench plane, G-Vg; #118 low angle, pressed steel block, Vg; R&L #103 block w/ early arc=h trademark, G; “sweetheart” #102 block, G
  325. 3 – Stanley planes: #40 scrub plane, G+; “sweetheart” “Four-Square” block, G+; #103 block, G
  326. 3 – Stanley planes: “sweetheart” #113 circular/compass plane, G+; #9 ½ block, Vg; #120 block, G+-Vg
  327. Stanley R&L #12 ½ adjustable veneer scraper, has added hardwood sole, G+-Vg
  328. Stanley “sweetheart” #10 ½ carriage maker’s rabbet jack plane, w/ rosewood handle & high knob, G+-Vg
  329. 2 – Stanley planes: #71 router, missing parts, G+; #147 two-way T&G, G-G+
  330. 6 – Various Stanley edge tools: #67 universal spoke shave, missing edge fence, Vg; #118 pressed-steel block, G; 4 – various #29 edge rounders, G-Vg
  331. 3 – Stanley planes: #4 ½ “wide” smoothing jack, w/ V-strike circa 1912-20, G-G+; #9 ½ block w/ blue painted deck, G; #102 block, G
  332. Stanley “sweetheart” #112 scraper plane w/ rosewood handle & knob, Vg
  333. Stanley #77 dowel cutting machine w/ 3 additional cutter heads in original boxes. The machine is hand crank power w/ V-strike embossed on gear wheel, G+ (gear wheel appears to have hair-line crack, otherwise Vg)
  334. 2 – Stanley planes: #78 rabbet/fillister plane w/ fence & depth stop, G+-Vg; #190 improved rabbet, G
  335. 2 – Stanley block planes: aluminum #A18 block w/ knuckle jointer cap, Vg; #75 bullnose rabbet, Vg
  336. 4 – Various planes: Craftsman rabbet/fillister w/ fence & depth stop, G+; early (?) Plane Mfg. Co., Conn., block plane, G; Ohio Tool Co., Auburn, NY. #0220 block, replace cap, G; “no name” aluminum corrugated sole block, G
  337. 5 – Stanley tools w/ original boxes: #14TP trammel points, NIB; #59 doweling jig, G+; #49 bit gauge, NIB; #373 ½ butt maker, G+; #187 line level w/ lithograph decorated tin box, Vg
  338. 4 – Early Stanley claw hammers: #221-32oz. octagon poll decking/flooring claw, G+; 32oz. straight/ripping claw, G; #221-28oz. flooring hammer, F-G; 16oz. adze poll w/ V-strike, G
  339. 5 – Various claw hammers: C. Hammond, Phila. 20oz. adze poll, G; Millers Falls 16oz. round poll, Vg; Stanley 8oz. adze poll w/ V-strike, G; unsigned tack claw w/ socket shielded handle, G+; unsigned upholsterer’s claw w/ metal shielded handle, Vg
  340. Tray lot assorted grain paint decorating tools: metal boxed set of 12 various metal combs, Vg; wooden triangle w/ 3 rubber combs; assorted rolled rubber flowing stamping tool, G
  341. Tray lot assorted specialty tools: 4 – Stanley #669 or #670 off-set screwdrivers, Vg; 8 – assorted gunstock carver’s floats, G-Vg
  342. 4 – Various small saws: German (?) jeweler’s saw w/ adjustable back & turned handle, G; Booth & Mills, Phila. saw pad w/ fruitwood handle, Vg; Disston & Sons, Phila. 7 ½” pattern makers saw w/ open grip, Vg; unsigned 8” dovetail saw w/ closed grip, G
  343. “Showman’s” handsaw for playing. It has copper coated blade & gemstone enhanced screw sockets. The handle is stained & varnished. *Note – try it out, it sounds good to me.
  344. 2 – Disston “nib” back handsaws: Disston & Sons #16-26” panel saw w/ carved wheat design handle, G+; Henry Disston “arch strike” 28”-5pt. w/ deep dish Eagle button, F-G
  345. Henry Disston & (Son) handsaw  28”-5 ½ pt. w/ nib back, deep dish Eagle button &  brass split-screws, Vg
  346. 2 – Backsaws: Disston & Sons #7-12”, G+; Jackson 16” mitre, G-G+
  347. 2 – Early panel handsaws w/ nib back & brass split-nut screws: Disston & (Son) 26”-6pt., refinished G; unsigned “Warranted Superior” 25 ½”-9pt. G.
  348. 3 – Handsaws: 20” signed engraved by owner George Reese, Baltimore, Md., G; unsigned 20”-9pt. sway-back, G; Wheeler, Madden & Clemson, Middletown, NY, #2 butcher saw, Vg
  349. 3 – Simonds handsaws: #116 keyhole saw w/ open grip, Vg; “Branch House” 26”-9pt. sway-back, G+; “Branch House” 26”-5 ½ pt. sway-back, G
  350. 3 – Disston & Sons, Handsaws: 16” plumber’s saw w/ rounded nose & brass split-nut screws, G; #7 nib-back panel saw, Vg; #D8-26”-10pt. sway-back, G+
  351.  3 – Disston & Sons handsaws: 26”-10pt.  panel saw w/ nib-back, G; 2 - #D23, G-G+
  352. 4 – Handsaws: J.W. Roberts, 20”-10pt., Vg; (?) Diamond 26”-8pt. G+-Vg; (?) 28”-4pt. panel saw w/ Kangaroo Trademark button, & brass split-nuts, G-G+; (?) 25 ½”-5pt. w/ brass split-nuts & brass split-nuts, G+
  353. 4 – Various handsaws: homemade starbuilder’s saw w/ horned & shaped oak handle, Vg; Simonds #97-10” tenon back saw, Vg; Wm. McNiece, Phila. keyhole saw w/ open grip & brass split-nuts, G+; H. Disston & Sons, 3 ½” keyhole saw w/ open grip & brass split-nuts, G
  354. 8 – Assorted firmer chisels: James Swan, corner chisel, G; 5 – socket mortise chisels: W. Butcher; J.K. Penfield & Son; etc; Buck Bros. 2” paring chisel, Vg
  355. Craftsman, #3512-18” nail cutting handsaw, Vg
  356. 2 – Handsaws: Atkins & Co., flooring saw w/ arch blade that has sawtooth cut on upper tip of blade, G+; Bishop & Son (?) reversible saw w/ replacement mahogany handle, G+
  357. 3 – Handsaws: Pennsylvania Saw Corp. 10” tenon/dovetail saw w/ turned handle, G-G+; Bagshaw & Field, fruitwood handle saw pad w/ brass collar, refinished, Vg;  6” brass back dovetail saw w/ turned handle, G
  358. Tray lot assorted wood threading tools: 1 ¼” T-handle tap, Vg; unsigned 1 3/8” threading block w/ turned handle, G+; Th. Fischer 5/8” threading block w/ turned handles, Vg; West German, late threading tap for drill press, Vg; early tap for T-handle, G
  359. 2 – Early back saws: S. Peace, 7” dovetail w/ open grip handle & brass split-nuts, G; Pennsylvania Saw Corp. #9-8” tenon saw w/ closed grip & shielded eagle button, G-G+
  360. 5 – Various saws: Pennsylvania Saw Corp. 14” iron back butcher’s saw, w/ wooden handle, G; Shield & Brothers, Phila. 11” iron back butcher’s saw, G; Union 8” iron frame hack saw, G; 2 – straw saw/knives (1 – C. Disston, Phila.), G
  361. Rare, Civil Ware Naval alarm rattle (attributed by Francis Lord in, Civil War Collector’s Encyclopedia). The wooden “Night Watchman’s Rattle” has 2-slat housing w/ wooden turned handle that has two 6-point cog rattler’s, Vg (unmarked & un-attributed by Horst Auction Center, buyer view reference & judge for yourself)
  362. 2 – Wooden rattler/alarms: rare, “War-Alerte” by the War Alerte Company, Baltimore Md. The maple wood rattle has 2 ½” wide sounding box w/ 1 ¾” wide slat, and has original label on side of box. The label raid reads, “Whistle for Air Raid Warden Use”, Vg; & small wooden toy rattler, G+
  363. 2 – Homemade wooden “Night Watchman’s alarms”: 1st primitive form w/ sounding box sawn from oak that has 1 ¾” screw mounted slat & 8-point rattler. The rattle has dovetailed bracing to sawn edge & has octagon handle. The side of sound box has 48 carved notches, possibly for fire/attack alarm (?) calls, and has some pencil notation for (Lynchburg?????); 2nd 1914, wedding rattle w/ simple construction & noted in pencil on side for H. Withrow Wedding, May 12th or 22nd, 1914, & Ed Gerlach Wedding, 4-7-17, & John Schramm, Sept. (?) 1916. The rattle was possibly used serenading newly weds.
  364. 10 – Assorted small/bench framing squares, G-Vg. including: Stanley: #12, #68, #F6; Fulton; Southington Hardware; Browne & Sharpe; etc.
  365. 3 – Various hand drills: Stanley #626 w/ bits loaded in rosewood storage handle, G-G+; Stanley “100 Plus” #611, Vg; Bengal “egg beater”, G
  366. 3 – Drilling devices: Millers Falls #140 right-angle ratchet brace, Vg; unsigned right-angle ratchet brace w/ iron arm, F-G; Millers Falls #430 egg grip spiral driver, G
  367. Tray lot assorted drilling devices: Stanley “sweetheart” #742 breast drill, G; John Fray & Co. #108 brace, G+; complete set Irwin “Carpenter’s” auger bit set in wooden case, G
  368. Tray lot assorted bench dogs & vises: Evertite Bench Clamp, patented 10-28-1919. This cast iron vise is a bench mounted vise w/ sliding wedge style clamp system, G+; 3 – hand wrought horseshoe shape drive-in style bench dog (1 – signed Robert Irving); wrought iron T-shaped drive-in bench dog, G; 2 - hand wrought slot slide-in bench stop, G
  369. 4 – Hand wrought tools: G.F. Feidt (*?) T-handle bale/logger’s hook, G. Heavy constructed bale hook w/ hardened pounding butt added to back of hook; 4-tine grappling hook w/ round eye to tie to rope, Vg; Fuller Bros. Co. long handle nail pincer, Vg; “what’s it” spring-back T-handle ripper w/ spear tipped edge. Possibly for slate removal or an oddity bench dog (????)
  370. Tray lot 6 – assorted “What’s it” tools: relic hand wrought bone marrow spoon, relic find condition; 3 – assorted dental tooth pullers: C. Arnold, Baltimore w/ wrapped handle grip; H.G. Kern, Phila. w/ diamond designed grip handles, G; hand wrought; North Bros. Phila. “Lightning” ice chipper, Vg; unknown maker 1 ¾”-2” can rim roller/crimper (?????)w/ 3 spring-loaded rollers, Vg
  371. 4 – Small adjustable wrenches: Iver Johnson 6” combination bicycle screwdriver/wrench, Vg; Victor-Overman Wheel Co., patent 1-6-1891, 5 ¾”, G+; Billings & Spencer Co. #97, Vg; Star Mfg. “Elgin Patent” 6 ¾” “Live Alligator” wrench, Vg
  372. 4 – Small adjustable wrenches, G-G+: English patented “Girder” by Joseph Lucas, #676A-4 ¾”, Vg; “Buckeye” by L&S Co. 5 3/8”; Mossberg #A1-5”, G; Mossberg Wrench Co., pat. 12-31-1895, G
  373. 4 – Small adjustable wrenches: Indian Motorcycles, Hendee Mfg. Co., by Wakefield, 6 ½”, G+; A&M, Buffalo 5”, G; unsigned Mossberg type, 4 ¼”, G; “King Dick”, England, 2 7/8” spanner wrench, Vg.
  374. 4 – Small adjustable wrenches: Bullard Wrench “Automatic” #0, pat. 10-27-1903, 5 5/8”, Vg.; Cha. E. Hall #4-5” bicycle, Vg; Boston Wrench Co., pat. 10-2-1906, quick-adjust nut wrench, Vg; Hoffritz, Germany, combination multi-tool, P.
  375. 6 – Assorted early wood handled screwdrivers, G-Vg: rare, T-handle bed screws wrench/screwdriver, hand wrought; 6 – flat screwdriver, makers: H. Huber, Phila.; 3 - Stanley R&L w/ patent date; Stanley V-strike; 1 – unsigned
  376. Tray lot drilling tools: Stanley #982 right-angle ratchet brace, G+; Irwin 6pc. auger bit set in oak hinge lid case, Vg
  377. Tray lot drilling tools: John Fray & Co. 10” ratchet brace w/ turn tight 2-jaw chuck, G; 3 – graduated hollow augers: ½” – 1”, G-Vg
  378. 4 – Various 2ft. straight rules: Hantz & Jessop (maker’s of cook stoves) iron wantage/dip rule, G; 3 – wooden: C.S. Osborne, F; Darling, Brown & Sharpe, shrink rule, G+; Stanley #34V, G
  379. 4 – Various wooden rules/collectibles: rare, Osborne Farm Implements (late 19th century farm machinery co. from Auburn, NY.) 35” tapered walking stick w/ stenciled trade advertising, G+; Kerby & Davidson, NY. square yardstick, G-G+; Standard Rule Co. square dip/wantage rod, G-G+; M. Chapin square, dip/wantage rule, G
  380. 3 – Various wooden rules: 2ft. straight edge rule, owner struck by Dr. John C. Stanley, G-G+; E.S.S & Co. Rockford, Ill. Slide-by 3ft. pattern maker’s shrink rule, G+; Stanley #240-4ft. slide-by rule, G-G+
  381. 6 – Various wooden yard sticks, G-Vg: 4 – Stanley; 1 – Lufkin; 1 – C.S. Osborne
  382. 3 – Various rules: D.J. George (Dennis J., working 1846-52, Vt.) 2ft. iron straight rule, G; unsigned draftsman’s 2ft. straight rule w/ brass butt edge & loaded on both side w/ various gradients & charts; Belchers Bros. 24” sleeve rule, G+
  383. 6 – Assorted wooden yardsticks, G-Vg: 5 – various Stanley; 1 – Lufkin
  384. 6 – Assorted 2ft. straight rules: Brown & Sharpe #4 metal, Vg; 5 – various wood, G-Vg: 3 – Stanley; 1 – Lufkin; 1 – C.S. Osborne & Co.
  385. 3 – Various wooden rules: Lufkin #43 ½ -3ft. board ft. rule, G; Stanley R&L 6ft. slide-by rule, G-G+; Stanley R&L #240-4ft. slide-by rule, G
  386. 4 – Wooden smoothing block planes, F-G+: O.H. Brooks (*?) oar/handle makers’ hollow plane w/ metal covered sole, E.W. Carpenter, Lancaster, patent dbl.-wedge block; J. Stamm, Mt. Joy, block; Jacob Heiss (Lancaster, Pa., working1803-40), block
  387. 4 – Wooden smoothing planes: circular/compass plane w/ two turned knobs, late marked by unscrupulous person w/ wrong trade stamp “E.W. Carpenter”. Nice form 11” long compass smoother, but definitely a wrong/late applied strike & replaced iron;; E.C. Ring, Ringville (Mass., working 1843-55) 9 ¼” coffin shaped block, G; G.S. See (Cornelius S., New York) w/ eagle strike, 8” block, G; M. Copeland, 6 ½” toothing plane, G+
  388. 6 – Assorted wooden smoothing block planes, G-G+: Standard Rule Co. #36 transitional handled w/ rosewood knob; Ogontz Tool Co. raise handle; 4 – various non-handled commons (look for yourself)
  389. 7 – Assorted wooden complex molding planes, G-Vg (look at cut patterns on photo), makers: D. Copeland; Geo. Burham  Jr.; L. Gardner, Boston (missing iron); Lourie; Anderuss; Bensen & Crannell
  390. E.W. Carpenter, Lancaster, 19 ½” double wedge bench jointer, Vg
  391. Kieffer & Auxer, Lancaster, 22” raise handle bench jointer, G (some bug damage to nose of plane)
  392. 6 – Assorted wooden complex molding planes (look at cut patterns on photo), makers include: walnut homemade; 3 – unsigned homemade; McKay, Burley & Heys, Glasgow; W. Greenslade, Bristol; Kennedy & White, New York
  393. 2 – Wooden planes: J. Colton, Phila. screw arm fillister w/ boxwood knobs & stops, G+-Vg; Samuel Bibighaus, Phila. 6 ½” toothing plane, Vg
  394. P. Small (attributed to Peter Small, York, Pa. carpenter 1798-1815) handled panel raiser, Vg (restored w/ repair to damaged handle)
  395. 4 – Various wooden block style smoothing planes: owner struck H. Jackson, rosewood chamfer block, G; John Veit, Phila. compass/circular block, Vg; H. Chapin, 6 ½” block, G; H. Chapin #112 coach builder’s door jack block, Vg;
  396. 7 – Wooden coachbuilder’s planes: unsigned, coachbuilder’s door jack block, G.; Atkins, Baltimore, T-rabbet, F; 5 – assorted unsigned small frame molding planes, various cuts, F-Vg (1 – highly figured sycamore wood) 
  397. 3 – “Lancaster Factory” wooden molding planes: E.W. Carpenter, Lancaster, ½” two-way T&G plane, G-G+; E.W. Carpenter, skew rabbet, G+; Kieffer & Auxer, Lancaster, 7/8” dado plane w/ re-place stop-screw taken from panel marking gauge, G-G+
  398. 3 – Lancaster, wooden planes: J. Stamm, Mt. Joy, block, G; E.W. Carpenter, block, Vg; E.W. Carpenter, Lancaster, handled 1 ¼” nosing plane, owner strikes of J. Pusey, Lancaster, Pa. (attributed to Joshua Pusey, millwright in Columbia area, Lancaster Co., Biographical Annals talks about mill w/ complete collection of wood working tools being sold by Joshua Pusey) added to nose, Vg
  399. 12 – Assorted wooden hollow or round molding planes, G-Vg. Makers include: J. Creach, Cin. Ohio; Union Factory; W. Moss; Welsh; I. Griffiths; R. Harris; Gere, Abbott & Co.; etc.
  400. 5 – Wooden dovetail molding planes: odd homemade long dovetail plane w/ rope-twist carved line accent to left side & incised lines. The iron is braced at throat by dovetailed “blind Dutchman” infill, 10 ¾” long, G; G. Phillips, 8”, G; unsigned 9 ½”, G+; homemade oak, 8”, F-G; unsigned 10 ½”, G
  401. 8 – Assorted wooden stepped-halving planes, G-Vg. Makers: I.W.; H. Wentz (****Henry Wentz, Dover Twp., York Co. or Perry Co.);  6 – unsigned
  402. 6 – Various wooden molding planes, G-Vg: Ohio Tool #90-7/8” nosing; unsigned cove; S.H. Bibighaus, Phila. coping; J. Souder, Phila. coping w/ mahogany fence; Israel White, Phila. coping w/ fence; unsigned fillister w/ hardwood boxed fence
  403. 8 – Assorted wooden bead molding planes, G-Vg: Astragal bead: Israel White, Phila; H. Bishop (Homer Bishop?); Side beads: Greenfield Tool; Wm. Gross, Baltimore; E. Caldwell, Baltimore; Ohio Tool; Bell & Fisher, White Haven;
  404. 5 – York Cc., Pa. wooden molding planes: 2 – P. Small (Peter, York, Pa. working 1798-1815, carpenter): lg. side bead, restored Vg; 1” round, restored Vg; 3 – Adam Ault (1820-1830, Hanover, Pa.) side beads, G & G+
  405. 10 Assorted wooden halving planes, G-G+. Makers include: H.P.; Thos. Napier (Phila. rare rated); E.I. Gere (CT. or Susquehanna Co., Pa.,); 7 – unsigned
  406. 3 – Better, wooden complex molding planes: H. Wells, North Hampton, Mass. 2” reverse ogee w/ bevel, G; John Bell, Phila. 7/8” Grecian Ogee w/ bevel, Vg; J.T. M’Master, Auburn, NY w/ Eagle strike, 1” cove w/ astragal bead, G+-Vg
  407. 2 – Lg. wooden bench molding planes: Hapgood, Lowell (Mass.) 16” ship builders’ handled rabbet, G+; E.W. Carpenter, Lancaster, handled panel groover, G
  408. 5 – York Co., wooden molding planes: Adam Ault (1820-1830, Hanover, Pa.): block plane, Vg; hollow, G; center round w/ adjustable fences, G+; round, G; P. Small (Peter, York, Pa. working 1798-1815, carpenter), reed molding w/ added adjustable fences, F.
  409. Matched pr. Tiger Maple, table hollow & round set, branded J.R.H. w/ original tiger maple wedges & chamfered shoulders, G-G+
  410. 5 – Unsigned, homemade or primitive form molding planes: panel grooving w/ turned knobs handles on side mounted fence, G; walnut handled fillister w/ fence & mortised & pinned tote, G+; 18th century belection molding w/ molded & chamfered shoulders, Vg; G. Raffensperger (*possibly George Raffensberger, b. Conewago Twp., York, Co.) cherry wood round, G; walnut halving plane, G
  411. 3 – Lancaster Co. Planes: J. Stamm, Mt. Joy, two-way T&G match plane, G+ (buyer beware, strike appears fresh & over dents from mallet blows. Check it out closely); E.W. Carpenter, ¾” side bead, restored Vg; Kieffer & Auxer, Lancaster, Pa. 1 1/8” nosing plane, Vg
  412. 10 – Assorted simple molding planes (look at cuts for yourself), G-G+. Makers include: J. Schauer; I. Cox; G.W. Popple; G. Bear; J. Gordon; Donoho; D.R. Barton; etc.
  413. 5 – Wooden molding planes: J. Church, Granby (5-star rated rare, Jonathan Church, 1810-50, Granby, Ct.), ogee, F-G; C. Warren, Nashua (Cyrus Warren, 1850-1875, Hudson/Nashua, N.H.), sash fillister w/ sole mounted fence, Vg; I. Sleeper (John Sleeper, veteran of Bunker Hill battle, pre-1834) halving plane, Vg; Greenfield Tool, reed molding, G-G+; Sandusky Tool Co. Grecian ogee, G+
  414. 4 – Various shaves: Stanley: #53 spoke, G; #65 adjustable chamfer shave, G+; #51 spoke, G-G+; Seymour Smith, duplex hollow/straight, G
  415. Tray lot assorted mitre & try squares: early 15” try square w/ brass diamond inlay rivet plates, G+; 2 – Disston & Morss, G. (1 – signed); 2 – 7 ½” brass faced mitre squares, G; Stanley R&L angle/mitre square, G+
  416. 5 – Assorted levels: Stanley: #36-12” iron, F; #36-6” iron, G+-Vg; F. Richardson. Athol, Mass, 6” iron, G+; L.S.S., 9” iron, G; Stevens #555 line level, in original box, Vg
  417. 6 – Assorted squares: 4 – assorted Stanley #12 try squares, G-G+; The Standard Rule Co., Unionville, CT.  pat. 6-15-1886, 11” w/ knob, Vg.; Upson Nut Co., patent applied for, 10” w/ knob. Same square by different maker, G
  418. 4 – Various Stanley marking gauges: #77 rosewood & brass mortise, G+-Vg; #65 ¾” boxwood, hanger hole drilled in rail, otherwise Vg; #71 dbl.-arm, G; #92 brass & rosewood butt-rabbet gauge, G
  419. Tray lot assorted tools: 2 – L.S. Starrett, universal adjustable scrapers, G-Vg; whetstone in Detroit Emery Wheel Co., cast iron box, Oliver’s patent 6-11-1897, G; 2 – kitchen knives: J.C. Tanger, Hanover, Pa., G+; Hart & Co. “Deep River Works”, G; Stanley utility knife w/ original box, G; etc.
  420. 5 – Assorted wooden spoke shaves, G+-Vg: E. Mills, Bagshaw & Field, Phila. 11 ½”; Bagshaw & Field, 10 ¼”; John Booth & Son, Phila. 10”; Bagshaw & Field, 9”; unsigned
  421. Tray lot assorted measuring devices: Starrett 10” iron adjustable level, F; Standard Rule Co., pat.3-11-1884, protractor/rule, G+; 2 – engineer’s sight levels (1 – U.S. Army), G-Vg; glass jar loaded w/ level vial/vessels; etc.
  422. 6 - Assorted wooden marking gauges, F-G. (look for yourself lot)
  423. Tray lot assorted wrenches, implement & adjustable, including: Griffin Lumber Co; Keen Kutter; Wright; Mossberg #K-6 adjustable; B&O adjustable, Cochran Speed Nut Wrench; etc.
  424. 4 – Various shaves: W. Marples & Son, coachbuilder’s molding shave, Vg; Stanley: #151 adjustable spoke, Vg; #64 spoke, G; #54 spoke, G+
  425. 7 – Assorted mitre & try squares: Johnson, Phila. 6” try square, G+; Stanley “sweetheart” #20-4 ½” try square; 4 – mitre squares: W.S. Winterbottom, Phila., pat. 6-29-1869, 4 ¼”, Vg; 3 – unsigned, G; unsigned angle/mitre gauge, F-G
  426. 5 – Assorted wooden spoke shaves: Bagshaw & Field, 12” adjustable depth w/ brass turn-screws & sole plate, Vg; 3 – Bagshaw & Field, Phila. 12” (1 w/ brass sole plate), G-Vg; E. Mills & Co., Phila. 12”, hollow, G.
  427. 4 – Assorted tools: T-handle spoon tipped reamer, described on note by consignor as cabbage corer (*Osborne catalog), Vg; Bagshaw & Field (Phila.) 5 ½” two-handle scorp, Vg; homemade coachbuilders’ molding scraper, G; 10 ¾” wooden spoke shave, G+
  428. Wooden spill plane, patent dated Aug. 26, 1876, Vg. The plane is mahogany. It is unsigned, but has multiple patent date strikes (unknown if US or English Patent office). It has a bench cleat w/ skew blade set in channel in flat deck w/ spill hole to right side of plane. The plane has adjustable top mounted fence. Maker unknown. Additional Photo: One
  429. 2 – Combination bevel gauge tools: Topp’s Framing tool w/ hip & valley scales, G-G+. The tool is a square w/ protractor gauge mounted in sliding-T bevel handle,; Stanley R&L #24-4” (rare size) sliding-T bevel/square, G-G+
  430. Tray lot 4 – “What’s it” tools: fine wooden two-part casting pattern for bench top anvil, marked P.P. on base of pattern. The pattern is shaped from softwood, unsigned, G+-Vg; Belcher Bros. & Co., NY. shoe salesman’s foot measure/rule, Vg; brad/nail organizer case, made from rosewood w/ brass sliding covers. The cover’s are marked for pin gauge size, and are held in place by brass spring-button, Vg; Lignum Vitae slicker/mallet
  431. 2 – Bench planes: Union #4 jack w/ rosewood handle & knob, Vg; Sargent & Co. 9 ¼” jack w/ rosewood handle & knob, Vg
  432. 2 – Specialty planes: Stanley #57 core box plane w/ two upper fence/wings, G; Union #41 flip-bottom T&G plane, F-G
  433. 2 – Transitional bench planes: The Standard Rule Co., Unionville, CT., #27-15” raise handle fore plane, G+; Stanley #37-13” “wide” smooth jack, Vg
  434. 2 – Block planes: Standard Rule #120 size w/ slide-in stirrup cap, blade is replace Stanley iron, restored some pitting, G; Stanley #120 w/ star cap & homemade knob handle, G+ (neat looking plane)
  435. Stanley Bedrock #608-C bench jointer w/ arch rails, F-G
  436. Sargent #718-C bench jointer, G+ (chip from ear of tote, otherwise Vg.)
  437. Stanley Gage #G6-C bench fore/jointer, G-G+
  438. 2 – Stanley planes: early #3 bench jack w/ circa 1902-10 arch strike, rosewood handle & knob, G+-Vg; #9 ¼ block, G-G+
  439. 3 – Stanley tools w/ original boxes: “sweetheart” #102 block, Vg+; “Handyman” #H1247 block, Vg+; “Handyman” #H1220 hand drill, Vg+
  440. Stanley #55 combination molding plane w/ original oak slide-lid tool box. The plane appears complete & has 4 rack s of blades, Vg
  441. 2 – Stanley trade advertising items: Metal hanging store screwdriver display “Stanley – The Tool Box of the World”, circa 1930’s. The display was made by Century Display Mfg. Co., and has yellow background  w/ Art Deco accent to top of rack, G; Wooden Stanley Hardware case “from The Stanley Works”, G.
  442. Stanley #40 ½ scrub plane w/ cherry wood handle & knob, Vg
  443. 2 – Stanley planes: late #50 “light duty” combination bead molding plane. The plane is complete, but has only dado irons, Vg; #118 “Break-proof” pressed-steel low angle block plane, G
  444. Stanley “Traut’s Patent” #46 “skew cutter” combination dado-plow plane, G+-Vg. (only 1 – blade) Additional Photo: One
  445. Early Stanley #45 combination molding plane w/ irons in oak hinged lid tool box that is branded “Yellow Cab”. The plane has floral embossed casting & black painted. Type 2 (?), G+
  446. 3 – Various block planes: Sargent #307 type 1 (?) w/ lever cap & adjustable throat, G-G+; Sargent VBM #206, G+-VG; Union Plane Co. 5 ¼”, G+
  447. Lie-Nielsen, #1 brass smooth bench jack plane w/ original box, NIB
  448. Stanley Bailey #40 scrub plane w/ japanned black deck & screw cap, rosewood handle & high knob, G-G+
  449. 5 – Assorted small planes: Stanley: #90 Bullnose rabbet, G+; R&L #101 convex block, G; “sweetheart” #101 block, G+; R&L #101, F-G; Foster cast aluminum block, G.
  450. 4 – Cabinet maker’s turn-screw drivers: 2 – various Bagshaw & Field, Phila. w/ brass furrel pad handles, Vg (14 5/8” & 17 ½”); 16” H&R Mfg. Co. w/ off-set pad handle, G+; 14 1/8” H. Huber w/ pad handle, G+
  451. 4 – Assorted hammers: C.S. Osborne Co. #5 upholsterer’s claw w/ rosewood infill solid iron handle, Vg; C. Hammond, Phila. 3oz. rivet, Vg; C. Hammond, Phila. 6oz. Adze poll claw, G ; rivet hammer marked C.L. McCoy, & partial date, G+
  452. 2 – Hand wrought tools: A. Miller (attributed by Tannehill to Andrew Miller, Paradise Twp., York Co.) mason’s brick hammer, G; odd cooper’s adze w/ head rivet mounted to socket that fastened to wooden handle, unsigned, F-G
  453. 5 – Various iron shaves, F-G: Martin’s convex/round shave; Cincinnati Tool Co. adjustable shave, possible repair; L. Bailey, Boston, raise handle; Stanley: #62 two-way w/ V-strike; “sweetheart” #63 convex shave w/ straight handle, Vg
  454. 3 – Various signed hand wrought chisels: J. Buser (*attributed to Jesse Busser, working 1850, in South Codorus Twp., York Co.)  socket handle corner chisel, F; Holland (Joseph or John, York Co., 1831-48), socket handle timber framer’s mortise, Vg; A. Jacob (*?) tang handle turner’s lg. gouge, F
  455. 2 – Hand wrought Holland (Joseph or John, York Co., 1831-48) tools: heavy brush scythe (no handle) w/ hardened edge, G; T-handled tapered reamer, G
  456. 2 – Lg. hand wrought tools: unsigned long handled log tongs, G+; “what’s it” tool w/ tag the reads “Blacksmith’s Hot File”. The tool has wooden handle, sawtooth tipped edge & open grip on opposite end of handle, G
  457. Tray lot assorted blacksmith or Farrier’s tools: 3 – various bolt headers, F-Vg; anvil stake horn; hoof knife, Vg; small splitting wedge w/ pine tree grooving, F; twisted handle scraper, F
  458. 2 – Holland (Joseph or John, York Co., 1831-48) hand wrought drawknives: 11 ½” cooper’s head shave, G+; 11 ½” stop chamfer, F.
  459. Holland (Joseph or John, York Co., 1831-48), hand wrought upper bit posthole mortise axe w/ lower lug, G-G+
  460. Horn (*???) butcher’s beam scales w/ embossed strike on tombstone arch end, and cold dated 1805, G+
  461. J.C. Dell, Phila , butcher’s brass beam scale w/ heavy brass weight, G+
  462. 2 – Hand wrought drawknives: unsigned 12” stop chamfer, G; W. Noel (*Gettysburg, Oxford area, Adams Co., Pa.) 11” sag back, G. Additional Photo: One
  463. 4 – Various hammers: Germantown-Griffith Tool Works, Phila. 12oz. ball-peen, Vg+; Cheney patented 16oz. claw w/ ball-bearing nail holder, G; Stanley #11-5oz. adze poll claw, G+; C.D., double ball-peen, G
  464. 3 – Various compositor’s/printer’s type adjustable composing sticks: 1st rosewood & brass adjustable w/ 7 hole plate & slide. The stick has brass upper & lower plates, Vg; Star Tool Mfg. 10” adjustable composing stick, G; Chandler & Price Co. “The Buckeye”, pat. 11-5-1889, metal adjustable composing stick, G+
  465. 5 – Assorted measuring devices: H.C. Fulton’s patent butt marking gauge, pat. 2-24-1884, wooden block type marking gauge, G+; Stanley: R&L two-arm mortise gauge w/ rosewood oval fence that has brass inset buttons, G+; late #90 metal fence marking gauge, Vg; 2 – bit depth gauges, G-Vg
  466. 3 – Stanley wooden marking gauges: “sweetheart” #264 ½  beech wood oval head w/ inlaid brass mustache plate, G+; #165 boxwood w/ improved brass plate on head, Vg; unmarked #77 rosewood & brass, G+
  467. 8  - Assorted measuring devices: L.S, Starrett Co. 12” late cast iron level, Vg+; 24oz. brass plumb bob w/ replaceable steel tip in leather holster, G+; 8” wooden marking gauge w/ Brodhead patented twist-lock head, G+; Stanley #88 siding marking gauge, G; 4 – assorted common 2ft. four-fold wooden rules, G-Vg
  468. 4 – Wooden 2ft. four-fold rules: C.S. Co. #62 brass bound, Vg; Upson Nut #84 brass outer, G+; Upson Nut #62 brass bound, G-G+; Upson Nut #61, G+
  469. 3 – Wooden 2ft. four-fold rules: Stanley R&L #77 ½ brass bound, G; Upson Nut Co. #81 arch joint w/ lumber scale, G+; Stanley #7 “Blind Man’s” square joint, G-G+
  470. 3 – Upson Nut, brass bound wooden 2ft. four-fold rules: #54 arch joint, vg; #60 triple arch joint, Vg; #62 square joint, G+
  471. 4 – Wooden 2ft. four-fold rules: 2 - Stanley: #53 ½ oxbow joint, Architect’s, G-G+; Upson Nut #75 arch joint, G+; Standard #53 arch joint, G
  472. 5 – Assorted wooden folding rules: Upson Nut 2ft. two-fold w/ Gunter’s slide & scales, Vg; Standard Rule (same as Upson Nut), F; Stanley R&L #68-3ft. four-fold w/ arch joint, back 1/8yrd. Markings, G+; 10Cents #11-3ft. “Household Yard” zig-zag, G+; Lufkin #524-4ft. Doyle Log Scale zig-zag rule, Vg+
  473. 7 – Assorted straight edge measuring devices: Stanley: #1-10” mitre square, Vg; #1-4” mitre square, F; #2-6” mitre squared, patent dated, G; R&L #25-8” sliding-T bevel, Vg; R&L 12” mitre square, Vg; (Traut’s Patent) Patented 9-4-1877, sliding-T square/bevel, G+
  474.  3 – Various hatchets: European hand wrought tomahawk. Polless form hatchet w/ triangular eye, & extended knife edge blade w/ notch claw on lower portion hatchet, vg; Wm. Beatty, Chester, lathing hatchet w/ two nail claws. The hatchet has partial steer trademark, Vg; C. Hammond, Phila. camp hatchet, G-G+
  475. 2 – Wooden “Night Watchman” rattle/alarms: 1st small Bagshaw & Field type, baton shaped cherry wood w/ brass plated end. The alarm has fine turned knob/handle & 6-point cog, Vg; 2nd reproduction walnut wood baton shaped w/ turned handle/knob & 6-point cog, Vg.
  476. 2 – Wooden “Night Watchman” rattle/alarms: 1st Bagshaw & Field, Phila. mahogany & brass plated alarm w/ turned walnut handle & 6-point cog, Vg; 2nd primitive walnut serenading alarm w/ 1 5/8” wide slat, octagon sawn handle & 8-pointed cog, Vg.
  477.  3 – Various hatchets: C. Hammond, Phila. narrow blade lathing hatchet w/ octagon poll, Vg; (?) Edge Tool Co., Phila. ice pick/hatchet, G+; fantail trade hatchet w/ rectangular eye, round poll & embossed diamond on side of socket, G
  478. 2 – Slate roofer’s tools: combination zaxe w/ leather grip, owner struck J. Rusher, G+; unsigned slate ripper, G
  479. 3 – Wooden levels: Standard Rule & Level: 26” cherry, G; 21” mahogany, G+; Masback Hardware, #289-12”, G
  480. 2 – Stanley wooden levels: #42-320-24” mahogany brass rimmed, Vg+; #104 rosewood 18” w/ triangle strike, G
  481. 2 – Wooden levels: Disston & Morss, Keystone Works, #110-30 ½” brass capped rosewood w/ brass shielded side sight, G+; Standard Rule & Level 20”, G
  482. 6 – Assorted measuring devices: 3 – wooden levels: Upson Nut, mahogany 10”, vg; Stanley #260-9” rosewood torpedo, vg; Stanley #260-9” beech torpedo, G; 3 – 2ft. four-fold rules: 2 – Stanley #163, G-Vg; Upson Nut, #68, vg
  483. 8 – Assorted small framing squares, G-Vg. Includes: Stanley: “sweetheart” #12; #10 w/ V-strike; Defiance #F6; Sargent; etc.
  484. 2 – Disston backsaws: Henry Disston, Phila. 14” brass back w/ arch & eagles strike & brass split-nuts, G+-Vg; Disston & Sons, Phila. 14” steel back w/ serpentine strike & brass split-nuts, G,
  485. Disston & Sons, Reagan Patent Gauge 12” steel backsaw w/ shoe-toe nose & special shaped grip handle, G+ (missing gauge fence)
  486. 3 – Saws: Henry Disston & Sons, 6” stair builder’s wooden backsaw, Vg+; Philadelphia Saw Work, rosewood & brass saw pad w/ push button chuck, G+; Starrett “Safe Flex”, patent pending steel grip hack saw, G
  487. Tray lot assorted tools, most w/ original packaging or box: Jim Dandy #80-B blow torch; Armstrong linoleum scribing tool; Quick-way socket set; Power-grip screwdriver set; etc.
  488. 3 – Various small Stanley bench vises: #741-1 ½” w/ green paint, G+; #707-1 ½” orange & black paint; 2 3/8” w/ orange & black paint, G+
  489. 2 – Stanley bench vises: #700 “woodworker’s” bench corner vise, vg; “Handyman” #H1209-2 ½”, Vg
  490. Providence Tool Co. sail maker’s (?) brass square w/ canvas & feet scales on small framing square. The square has half overlay construction, G+-Vg
  491. 3 – Measuring devices: J.F. Brown, steel framing square, Vg; T. Dixon, wooden cabinet maker’s square w/ mortised & screw fastened 2 ¼” wide straight edge, G+; unsigned wooden T-square w/ 24 ¾” overall length straight edge, G.
  492. 2 – Wooden measuring devices: Lufkin #8132 tailor’s square w/ brass square corner & brace, vg; Kueffell & Esser Co. #2300-24” T-square w/ Vg.
  493. Gerstner oak machinist tool chest w/ 2 & 3 over 2 drawer interior behind front door & hinged lift lid tray, Vg. Additional Photo: One
  494. Gerstner canvas covered machinist tool chest w/ oak 2 & 3 drawer over 2 drawer interior behind canvas covered door, G
  495. 4 – Various tools: Stanley “Yankee” #1991 magnetic base drill press vise, Vg; Stanley #741-1 ½” bench mount vise w/ anvil, G; 2 – small cast iron anvil paper weights, F.-G
  496. 3 – Wooden tools: homemade oak mitre jack w/ wooden thread screw, G+; foundry sand pouncer, G; primitive enforcer peg driver mallet, G
  497. 3 – Various bench vises: Stanley 2” w/ gray & red paint, G+; A.M. Co. #1, pat. 11-14-1879, G; unsigned 2” w/ orange paint, G+
  498. 3 – Wooden measuring devices: unsigned 24” mahogany panel marking gauge w/ brass stop screw, G+; Dietzgen #1879 pantograph w/ original box & instruction manual, G.; unsigned Lufkin #8140-24” tailor’s measuring square w/ brass sliding arm & tape clip on fixed arm. G+
  499. Unsigned, Lufkin #7146-96” glass cutter’s rule, 3”x1/4” straight edge w/ brass flange/lip, F+-G
  500. 3 – Various, Lufkin Glazier’s rules w/out brass flange, Vg: 1 – 5ft.; 2 – 6ft.
  501. 2 – Wooden rules: J. Switt (?) 4ft. square walking stick rule w/ brass tipped ends, G; unsigned Lufkin “Yard and Quarter” beveled stick, w/ 1/8 markings, G+
  502. 2 – Glass cutter’s rules: 4ft. w/ trade adv. “Guardian Glass Co.”, Detroit, w/ brass flange, Vg; Sommer & Masa, 72” glazier’s w/out brass flange, F-G
  503. Unsigned 48” lumberman’s square board foot rule w/ 16 tiers, & partial owner name (A. Smith) carved near handle, Vg
  504. 2 – Stanley wooden slide-by rules: #510-10ft. w/ fold-out clip, Vg; R&L: #510(?)-12ft., G.
  505. 5 – Wooden rules: 12ft. slide-by rule, G; 3 – various yard sticks w/ 1/8 markings (1 – Stanley #33), F+-Vg; unknown part, possibly to tailor’s rule
  506. 3 – Various specialty handsaws: C. Booth & Son, 10” brass backsaw w/ open grip handle & brass split-nuts, G; Atkins & Co. 7 ½” pattern makers’ saw w/ open grip handle, Vg; Norris, London, 8 ¼” brass backsaw w/ open grip handle & brass split-nuts, G
  507. 2 – Atkins handsaws: #70-19”-12pt. altered w/ rounded nose, G-Vg; 16” steel backsaw, G+ (repaired handle)
  508. 2 - Davis Tool Co. ornate cast iron adjustable levels: 18” screws missing from brass adjustment compass, chip from upper rail, otherwise, G+; 12”, P. (lots of problems, but some good parts)
  509. Underhill, 4” socket handle slick, pitted but w/ some tuning would be a good user model. It has modern turned handle
  510. 3 – Various specialty measuring devices: U.S. open sight  fold-down 11” plane table alidade, G+; Stanley, London, reproduction/late small brass sextant w/ 3” scope & 3 ½” Vernier, Vg; parts to ship’s log line measuring device, G.
  511. 3 – Various measuring devices: unsigned rosewood & brass mortising gauge w/ square brass plated head w/ top set screw, refinished, G+; rosewood & brass mortise gauge w/ brass plated oval head w/ top set screw & brass tubular arm, G+; reproduction brass sight level w/ side compass gauge, missing front lense
  512. 4 – Various measuring devices: unsigned “warranted correct” 11 ¾” rosewood level w/ brass upper & lower plates, G+ (new wood); 2 – various rosewood & brass mortise gauges w/ brass top set screws, G & Vg; dbl. wedge arm marking gauge w/ metal face plate & rod arms, G
  513. 2 – Tools: Cast iron lion shaped grommet/rivet press w/ spiral screw press, damaged base & missing knob; C&E brass egg scales parts in wooden case, missing parts
  514. Tray lot assorted tools: rare, Stanley #610 pistol grip hand drill, G; Dixon jeweler’s saw, G; 3oz. jeweler’s rivet hammer, G+; brass coil spring winder (?), G; Leckmann, screw thread plate, G
  515. 6 – Assorted Stanley measuring devices: #60 doweling jig, parts missing; 2 – bit gauges, G; #95 butt marking gauge, Vg; 2 – 2ft. brass bound four-fold rules: R&L #54, G; unsigned #62 ½, G+
  516. 5 – Stanley planes: #12 veneer scraper, missing Stanley scraper iron, F+-G; 4 – block planes, G-Vg: R&L #220; “sweetheart” #110; #9 1/2 “maroon” paint; Craftsman #3704
  517. *Restorer’s lot! 2 – Bench planes: L. Bailey’s “Christmas” patent #4 jack w/ patent trade strike on iron & chip guard, damage to handle & knob; Stanley “Four-Square” 11 ½” jack, cracked handle, G+
  518. Stanley #51 chute board plane, does not include #52 board/frame. The plane has off-set rosewood handle, G-G+ (handle crack)
  519. 2 – Stanley planes: Bedrock #604, V-strike w/ square shoulder, G (cracked handle); #90 cabinet maker’s rabbet block, G+-Vg
  520. 4 – Various shaves: Stearns & Co., pat. 2-27-1900, adjustable plate, G; Stanley #53 spoke, G+; Stearns spoke shave, G; Preston, carriage maker’s edge router, missing fences, G
  521. 2 –Stanley planes: #49 flip-bottom T&G plane, damaged P; #S-4 pressed steel jack, V-strike w/ Liberty bell cap, lever blade adjustment (handle cracked), G+
  522. 2 – Stanley planes: early #148 two-way T&G plane, F-G; #S-4 pressed steel jack w/ liberty bell cap & lever blade adjuster, G (repaired handle)
  523. 4  -Edge tools: EP 5 ¼”X 5/8” cabinet maker’s rabbet, G (chip at throat); Stanley #92 cabinet maker’s rabbet, G (part removed at throat); spoke shave, G; dbl. shave (hollow & straight), F. (missing 1 – iron)
  524. 2 – Bench planes: Stanley #289 skew fillister rabbet plane, missing fence & assorted parts, F-G; Sargent #43(?) 7 ¾” jack plane, G+
  525. 2 – English edge tools: Norris, London #2- 7 ½” handled infill jack plane w/ rosewood infill & Marples & Sons iron, G+; Preston Patent carriage maker’s molding router, irons are un-cut, G
  526. 5 – Various drawknives: S. Cantelo, 8” drawknife w/ safety folding handles, F-G (1 – catch/latch damaged); 2 – Stearns & Co. patented adjustable shaves, F-G; 2 – wooden spoke shaves, G-Vg
  527. 4 – Assorted wooden molding planes: 10 ½” Oriental style draw plane w/ throat & iron set near tail of hardwood plane, G; converted T-rabbet w/ iron sole & replaced T-iron, G; Carriage makers’ handled rabbet (handle added), G+; unknown maker two-way coping plane, missing 1-iron, G
  528. 14 – Assorted hollow or round molding planes, G-G+. Makers: Parkes; Mosely; Gabriel; etc.
  529. 18 – Wooden hollow or round molding planes, G-G+. Makers: I. Sym; Ohio Tool Co.; Hields; Benton; Auburn; etc.
  530. 11- Wooden side bead molding planes, G-G+. makers: J. Buck; Webb; Mathieson; etc.
  531. 4 – Planes for refinishing: J.F. Card & Co. Toledo, 2 ½” Grecian ogee w/ bevel, G+; Sandusky Tool Co. screw arm sash molding plane, G+; match pr. Sandusky #100 tongue & groove planes, G+
  532. 21 – Assorted hollow or round molding planes, G-Vg. (buyers look at names yourself, enjoy the hunt!)
  533. 12 – Assorted wooden molding planes, G-G+, various makers: 9 – side bead; 1 – ogee; 1 – quarter round; 1  - snipe bill
  534. 3 – Wooden planes: A. Mathieson, Glasgow, screw arm plow w/ boxwood threads, knobs & stops, G+; Buck, 7/8” dado plane, Vg; J.F. & G.M. Lindsey, two-way match T&G, missing 1-iron, G+
  535. 20 – Assorted wooden hollow or round molding plane, F+-G+, various makers (buyers look at names yourself, enjoy the hunt!)
  536. 7 – Asssorted wooden molding planes: match pr. Mosely & Son, sash molding plane, Vg; J. Farthridge (?) bead molding, Vg; 4 – early complex cuts (2 – Gabriel), G-Vg
  537. 5 – Assorted firmer/wood chisels: Neilsen wood chisel, NIB; 3 – socket handle firmer chisels, G-Vg; Tyzack & Son, tang handle socket mortise, Vg; F. Dick, gouge, G.
  538. 2 – English infill planes: Norris, London, 7 ½” handled jack, G; 6” “Chariot” block, chip near throat, F
  539. 7 – Assorted tang handle carving chisels, G-Vg. Makers: L. Sorby; Addis & Son; etc.
  540. 12 – Assorted socket & tang handle wood chisels, various makers, F-G
  541. Tray lot assorted vintage drafting tools: 2 – partial tool sets; Stanley “patentee” brass compass w/ jointed legs; brass metric rule; etc.
  542. 4 – Various planes: 4 ¾” Cabinet maker’s bullnose rabbet w/ rosewood infill & hardwood wedge, chip at throat, G; 3 ½” iron “Chariot” block, damage & repair, F; 6” X ¾” iron rabbet, G; 2” wide carriage maker’s T-rabbet, F-G
  543. Tray lot assorted tools: Dunlap & Lyman, 18” engineer’s pad handle screwdriver, G; Millers Falls hand drill, parts missing; breast drill w/ brass knurl, F; graduated set of 5 – auger bits in wooden case; 8pc. assembled set of center bits, various makers, Vg
  544. Tray lot assorted metal rules: Brass: 10” copy rule, Vg; oriental 12” w/ hand carved ledger & dragons on reverse, Vg; 3 – various dip-rules, G; metric zig-zag rule, G; S.B., German #631-2ft. 2-fold steel rule, Vg; etc.
  545. Tray lot wooden measuring devices: J. Watts, Boston, tailor’s square, shortened long run, F;  2ft. 12-tier board foot rule, F; unknown maker, pantograph, G; wedge arm mortise gauge w/ oval head & bird’s eye maple arm w/ mahogany slide, G; ETC.
  546. 2 – Logger’s measuring devices: Standard Rule Co. 3ft. hickory board foot rule w/ brass pad, repaired handle, F+; 36” log board foot caliper/rule, G
  547. Tray lot assorted measuring devices: Millers Falls #590 torpedo level in homemade case, G; K&E 50ft. cloth tape measure in leather cover, F-G; 16oz. iron plumb bob, G; angle mitre gauge, F; Greenstein #4 Fur Modes, pat. 1879931, brass fur stretching tool; etc.
  548. 4 – Wooden 4-fold rules: 2ft.: Stanley R&L #62, F+; Rabone & Son combination level/rule w/ protractor gauge, F; Lufkin #683L (same as above), G+; Rabone #1167-3ft. “blind man’s), G+
  549. Tray lot assorted tools: brass Cincinnati Time Star 22” paper gauge rule, Vg; Keyes – Davis Co.  brass pin holder w/ pins, Vg; unknown brass tag gauge; #150 marker; tool references; etc.
  550. 3” socket handle slick, heavy pitting, F. (possible user w/ some work)
  551. Tray lot assorted chisels: Millers Falls #106.- 6pc. carving chisel set, in original box, Vg; 3 – Stanley #60 wood chisel set w/ neoprene handles, G-Vg; 2 – socket handle socket mortise chisels; G+
  552. 3 – Various spiral drivers: North Bros. “Yankee” #130A, Vg in original box; A.H. Reid, Phila., pat. 12-12-1882, G+-Vg; unsigned “Yankee” #50 reciprocation driver, G
  553. Approx. 30 – early counter-sink auger bits, G-Vg
  554. Tray lot assorted specialty augers, G-Vg: 9 – assorted reamers; 4 – Forstner bits; 1 – spoke point
  555. Approx. 25 – center auger bits, G-Vg
  556. Approx. 30 – shell & gimlet auger bits, G-Vg
  557. Lg. tray lot assorted auger bits: screwdriver tips; chisel tips; twist bits; etc.
  558. 4 – Various specialty hammers: patented glazier’s hammer w/ revolver triangular butt, G+-Vg; unsigned 8oz. upholsterer’s claw w/ steel braced handle, Vg; 4oz. rivet hammer w/ claw tipped handle, g; unknown bubinga wood mallet, Vg
  559. Bag lot assorted small tools: Graves, Hanover, Pa. trade advertising saw shaped mustache comb, vg; 3 – screwdrivers (2 – Bagshaw & Fields, Phila.); 2 – Keen Kutter punches, G; P.J. O’Hare, Newark, NJ. U.S. 798 sight micrometer for 1903, Springfield rifle
  560. 4 – Brass bound 2ft. four-fold wooden rules: Stanley: R&L #62 w/ metric, F+; #60 dbl.-arch joint, G+; #54 arch joint, G; Upson nut #62 square joint, G-G+
  561. 4 – Brass bound 2ft. four-fold wooden rules: Upson Nut: #64 square joint, G; #62 square joint, Vg; #72 ½ square joint, G; Stanley “sweetheart” #54 w/ oxbow joint, G+;
  562.  4 – Wooden 1ft two-fold caliper/rules: 3 – Upson Nut #36 ½, F-Vg; Stanley #36 1/2, Vg
  563. 4 – Small tools: Crescent two-head 4-6” adjustable wrench, Vg; “Handy-Boy” combination pliers/adjustable wrench w/ wrench head on arm of pliers, Vg; 2 – small threading die sets (some parts missing)
  564. 6 – Assorted adjustable wrenches, G+-Vg: Bohn Wrench Co. 5 ¾” slide-wedge adj.; 2 - Barnes Tool Co. 5 3/8” (1 – pat. dated); Bemis & Call, P&R railroad, 6 ½” w/ steel handle; Mossberg Sterling #3; etc.
  565. 7 – Assorted tools/collectibles: 5 ½” brass jeweler’s bench anvil, Vg; 3 ¾” brass paper weight anvil, G; Stortz, Phila. oyster knife, vg; 2 – center-hinge nut crackers, G-Vg; H.B. Smith Machine Co. trade advertising turning gauge, Vg; cast iron nut cracking mallet, G
  566. Tray lot assorted tools: 2 – various hand vises (1 – Stubs; 1 – hand wrought), G; Raub Supply Co., Lancaster, cast iron tag, Vg; 5 – assorted “What’s it” tools (Your guess is as good as mine): pruning shears; pliers handle 4-wheel pipe cutter; H.D. Smith & Co. “Perfect Handle” valve lifter; etc.
  567. 6 – Various tools: Oriental struck chisel/adze w/ original off-set angled handle (unusual find); wooden pipe flaring mallet; 2 – cobbler’s hammers: C. Hammond, Phila., Vg; W&P Allison #0, G; 3oz. rivet hammer, G; Stanley 16oz. rivet hammer, G+
  568. 2 – Wm. H. Denney, Lancaster, Pa. wooden screw clamps, Vg. (1 – patented adjustable swivel jaw)
  569. 4 – Wooden screw clamps: P.H. Neun, Phila. Vg ; A. Hammacher & Co. By R. Bliss Mfg., Vg; Hood & Rice, Valley Falls #13, Vg; homemade “half-moon” instrument maker’s clamp, Vg
  570. 5 – Assorted hammers: Stanley: 20oz. dbl.-round planishing hammer, G+; “Defiance” 8oz. claw, Vg; 5oz. magnetized upholsterer’s tack hammer, vg; 8oz adze poll claw, G; early hand wrought claw w/ strap braced handle & round poll, G
  571. 6 – Assorted trade advertising rules: 6ft. zig-zag: Yorktowne Natural Birch Kitchens; West Manheim United Farmers Association; York Corrugating Co; M. Root Mfg., York; Schmuck Lumber Co., Hanover; 3ft. zig-zag: Chas. Eyster & Son, Hanover
  572. 2 – Hand wrought edge tool heads: H. Hix (*?) 3 ¼” socket handle slick, G+; 17th or 18th century smoothing/side axe w/ 8” edge & narrow triangular socket, probably European or early Colonial period, G
  573. 4 – Hand wrought edge tools: Brady & Son, Mt. Joy, socket handle firmer chisel, altered cut; Schrock (*?) small harvesting sickle, F; John Passmore (1760’s Doe Run, Springdell, Chester Co.), 13” sword relic, P. fruit growers grafting froe, G.
  574. Holland (Joseph or John, York Co., 1831-48), 12” drawknife, G+ Additional Photo: One
  575. 3 – Various tools: Holland (Joseph or John, York Co., 1831-48), round poll full shingling hatchet, G; unsihned hand wrought stone dresser’s pick/chipping hammer w/ octagon tapered pick, vg; unsigned blacksmith’s star bit dressing/sharpening hammer, vg
  576. 2 – Signed hand wrought tools: D.W. Fero (*?) 12” froe w/ round eye, G+; S. Meals (*?) 15” stop chamfer drawknife, G
  577. 4 – Wooden 2ft. Two-fold rules : Standard Rule : #2 arch joint, vg ; #15 arch joint brass bound w/ brass Gunter’s slide, G; Sampson, Boston w/ Gunter’s slide & Routledge volume gauge, G; Belcher Bros., New York square joint, G+
  578. 10 – Assorted wooden folding rules, various types & makers, F-G
  579. 7 – Assorted measuring devices: Eagle Trademark, flush-T bevel, F; Stanley #18-9” flush-T bevel, Vg; Squares: Stanley: #12-10”, vg; #2-4” mitre square w/ patent date, Vg; unsigned 4 ½” brass handle try square, F; 2 – Disston, try square, G-Vg
  580. 6 – Small wooden folding rules: 4 – 1ft. four-fold, F-G+; Stanley R&L #36-6” caliper rule, F; homemade bevel/rule (made from rule parts)
  581. 10 – Assorted zig-zag rules: 7 – Metals, F-G+, makers: Lufkin; Stanley; Starrett; Stellar Tool; 3 – Stanley wooden: “sweetheart” four-square, G+; 2 – Victor: #806-6ft.; #343-3ft.
  582. 5 – Various adjustable wrenches: Cadillac, 4”, P-F; Roland Electrical advertising, Vg; G.M. Co.combination, Vg; 2 – no-name, G+
  583. 9 – Assorted measuring devices:  Stanley: #1 “odd Jobs”, vg; #X6LG-6” trade adv. rule, Vg; “100 plus” 12” Stanguard, G+; Montgomery Ward#84-2331 butt gauge in original box, Vg; etc
  584. Holland (Joseph or John, York Co., 1831-48), felling axe w/ lower lug. Axe has double strike, probably re-edged
  585. 18th or 19th Century, 5ft. walnut wood four-frame pit or veneer saw w/ 3 ¾” wide blade. The frame has mortise & pin construction w/ turned grips on upper & lower frame. The blade housing is missing wedge stop, G+
  586. 20” Fellow/turning saw w/ mortise & pegged constructed rock oak frame & blade mounted on turned peg w/ hand wrought ram’s horn tension nut, G+
  587. Rare, Twibil (mortise axe) w/ cross-socket edges. Traditional Pennsylvania German form w/ tapered socket, 8” from edge to socket. The Twibil has multiple strikes from different eras. The makers initials are illegible, the secondary re-edging is initial MB w/ III (possibly 1803) & 3rd set w/ steer head tool strikes & 6T (unknown). The Twibil has heavy pitting F
  588. 5 – Various primitive/tools: Farrier’s butteris, P; lg. hand wrought butchering fork w/ wrapped hook hanger, G; T-handle hay hook, G; Brass horseshoe protractor/pitch gauge, Vg.; unsigned, dengelstock
  589. 5 – Various hand wrought claw hammers, F-G
  590. 4 – Various Primitive/tools: rare, wooden dip-net housing. The rods of outstretch arm are set into this wooden shaped block w/ cut mortises (no arms); Booth, Mill & Co. cooper’s stave shave, G; wooden curved shave w/ 4 ¼” iron, G+; “Old Woman’s Tooth” wooden router, missing iron
  591. 4 – Tools: hand wrought cooper’s adze, G; unsigned millstone pick, G+; Plumb, 16oz. spur tipped claw hammer (tips of claw have small claw), F-G; Keen Kutter 12oz. bell poll claw, G+
  592. Tray  lot assorted tools: Berylco (beryllium) 20oz. claw hammer, G+; 2 – conical lead casting molds, G+; small hobby bench vise w/ small anvil; Bridgeport Hardware, hand reloading tool, G
  593. Lg. Wooden screw threading set w/ 1 ¾” threading block w/ turned handles, Vg; & hand wrought T-handle 1 ¾” threading tap, G
  594. Tray lot assorted T-handle gimlets & 2 – tapered reamers, F-G+
  595. 2 – Wooden handled bench jointers: Auburn Tool Co. 22”, Vg; E.C.E.(German), 17” jointer, vg
  596. 4 – Various tools: beryllium 6” block plane w/ Stanley iron, G+; 8 ½” Oriental style draw plane, blade is marked w/ Oriental writing, G+; Ulmia #986 edge tool; Arkansas oil stone in mahogany case, G+
  597. Lg. tray lot assorted leatherworking tools, F-Vg. (look at photo)
  598. 8 – Assorted tools: 4 – various boy’s toy tools; Jeweler’s 3oz. adze poll rivet hammer, Vg; early 3oz. rivet square poll hammer, vg; 6oz. rivet hammer, g; upholsterer’s claw w/ steel braced handle, Vg
  599. 3 – Tools: Henry Disston & Sons, 10” tenon backsaw, handle marked C.E.L. & P. Co., G; unsigned 10” hand saw w/ wooden pistol grip, G.; Disston, pat. 11-7-1918, saw jointer, G.
  600. Tray lot assorted measuring devices: Stanley #88 clapboard marking gauge, G; 2 – stiff-joint outside calipers, wooden string winder, G; Lufkin pocket steel tape, in original box, G; etc.
  601. 2 – Early wooden frame saws: 1st bow saw w/ 16” blade mounted on turned handles. The frame is walnut w/ oak brace &  has cord tension w/ oak slat stop, G+; 2nd posthole mortise saw w/ hand wrought quick release lever. The saw has mortise & pin construction & heavy iron rod upper brace, G
  602. 40” Wooden lumberman’s walking stick log board ft rule. (possible Lancaster Factory pc. w/ numbers similar to Carpenter’s number strikes). The handle has turned grip. The stick is unsigned, G+
  603. 5 – Assorted measuring devices: hand wrought 17” winged outside caliper w/ butterfly wing stop screw, G; 2 – early wooden homemade framing squares, G-Vg; 12” oak homemade wooden divider/scribe, G; 26” panel marking gauge w/ metal adjustable head, unknown maker, G
  604. Stanley #45 combination molding plane w/ original oak case. The plane has skate, fence, & camber, but is missing blades, G
  605. J. Colton, Phila. screw arm sash molding plane w/ owner brand H.M. Cress (*?) on side of plane. The plane has full boxwood boxing, Vg
  606. 5 – Wooden molding planes: I.P. coping plane, G; M. Copeland, complex, G+; homemade dovetail, G; Varvill, York, hollow, Vg; unsigned bead, G
  607. Tray lot 5 – Assorted wooden planes: brass sole router w/ turned knobs, G+; 3 – unsigned rabbet planes, G+; unsigned fluting plane w/ full boxing, G+
  608. 4 – Socket handle firmer chisles: W. Beatty & Son, 2” w/ ring top handle & Masonic strike, F-G; L.& I.J. White 1 ½” gouge, Vg; 2 – corner chisels, F
  609. 9pc. graduated Stanley #60 wood chisel set w/ canvas roll, G-Vg
  610. Tray lot assorted tools: A.H. Reid, Phila. spiral screwdriver, G+; West German, Craftsman spiral screwdriver, G; 18oz. brass plumb bob w/ steel tip, G+; 2 – steel plumb bobs, G; 12oz. cast iron “turnip” plumb bob, G; Stanley #66 1/2-3ft. four fold rule, G+; machinist made try square, G+
  611. 5 – Assorted chisels: 3 – firmer, G+: Pexto 1 ½”; P.S& W. 1 ½”; Buck Bros. 1 ½”; 2 – bench chisel: Craftsman; & Stanley #750
  612. 3 – Various planes: Sargent #419-18” jointer, F-G; Sargent VBM transitional #3410 block, G-G+; Solar Mfg. 7” aluminum block, G+
  613. 6 – Assorted drilling devices: Fray’s patent brace, G+; 5 – Various adjustable hollow auger, G+. makers: Bonney; B.S. & Co.;
  614. 11 – Assorted Stanley wood chisels w/ hickory iron capped handle, F+-G+
  615. 3 – Wooden measuring devices: Homemade adjustable wooden siding marking gauge w/ wooden turn-screw stop on stepped oak wood head, G+; unsigned hickory panel marking gauge w/ brass stop screw & brass edge head, G+; “no-name” 24” wooden level, G+
  616. Tray lot 6 – Assorted tools: 4 – various wooden marking gauges, F+-Vg; 2 – handsaws, Vg
  617. Tray lot assorted softbound tool references: …Maker of American Wooden Plane, 4th edt. By E. & M. Pollak; Stanley Little Big Book, by Clarence Blanchard; Common Tools of the 19th Century; Collecting Antique Tools, by Herbert Kean & Emil Pollak
  618. 5 – Complex wooden molding planes, Vg. Makers: J. Wells, Trenton; F.N. Vivian “Tool Dealer”, Fulham; W. Scott, Pittsburg “Allegheny-Town”; A. Cummings, Boston; overstruck
  619. 5 – Various Pennsylvania made (attributed) wooden planes: E.W. Carpenter: #15 fillister w/ added sole fence & depth stop, F-G (replaced wedge); round, Vg; I. Schauer (John/Johann Schauer, East Petersburg, Lanc. Co.) halving plane, G+; F. Dallicher (Montgomery Co.) dovetail, G; I.D. (unknown) halving, F; J. Stover (attributed to Central Pa.) round, F
  620. 4 – Rare, wooden molding planes: Brumley (Trenton, NJ. circa 1800), round, G+; 2 – P. Small (York, Pa. 1798-1815) complex molding, Vg; R. Harris & J. Harris (unknown) hollow, Vg
  621. J. Stamm (John Stamm, worked in Hinkletown & Mount Joy, while preacher made planes from 1835-1860’s) handled wedge arm panel grooving plane, G+
  622. 2 – Unsigned, wooden molding planes: screw arm sash molding plane w/ initial J.F. H on nose, Vg; “What’s it” angle bead molding, vg
  623. 5 – Various wooden table molding planes, G+-Vg: makers: H. Chapin; Neilson; Auburn Tool Co.; Union Factory, H. Chapin, 
  624. 5 – Various primitive/early molding planes, G-Vg.: unsigned panel plane, J. Gibson, Albany, complex; John Barron, astragal side bead; unsigned #169 complex; unsigned quarter round
  625. 7 – Assorted wooden molding planes: unsigned grooving plane w/ adjustable sole mounted fence, G; Biddle & Co., Phila. block plane, Vg; unsigned homemade nosing, G; E.T. Burrowes Co. Maine, trade advertising on side, screen grooving, Vg; W.M. Souder (Phila.) hollow, vg; S. Loyd (*?) edge rabbet; Richard Neuill, carriage makers’ door check, Vg
  626. 3 – Lancaster Factory (E.W. Carpenter, Auxer, Remley, etc.) wooden marking gauges w/ trademark wooden stop screws: 12” w/ two heads that are marked E.W. Carpenter (1 – boxwood stop screw), G; 8” by E.W. Carpenter, owner marked on head J: Berger, 1844,, G+; unsigned 9”, G
  627. E.W. Carpenter, Lancaster, 24" panel marking gauge w/ calibrated rule arm, arch top fence w/ trademark shaped stop screw, G-Vg Additional Photo: One
  628. 3 – Various tools: Spencer Lens Co., Buffalo, traveling/field microscope w/ 9X optic lens hid in hinge door. The scope has wooden arch top w/ clear panel above mirror reflector & has lift-up metal lens/loop support, G+; unsigned 20” panel marking gauge w/ wooden stop screw, G; walnut & hickory 20” wooden bevel, G
  629. 4 – Wooden measuring devices: J. Stamm, Mt. Joy, 9” marking gauge, Vg;  E.W. Carpenter, 11” slitting gauge, missing stop screw, G; E.W. Carpenter, Lancaster, 6” marking gauge, stop screw damaged; Belcher Bros. shoe/foot measure, G+
  630. Stanley #66 universal hand beader w/ lg. selection of blades in homemade wooden tool box, Vg
  631. Tray lot assorted edge tools: brass coach builder’s Nelson shave, Vg. (marked L.S.G.); 6 – graduated plow plane irons, vg; Stanley replacement jack plane iron, G+
  632. Early, Stanley #66 universal hand beader w/ patent date on handle, fence & 6 multi-blades, G+-Vg
  633. 6 – Assorted implement wrenches, makers include: NYE; Case; I.H. Co.; etc.
  634. 3 – Machinist tools: Starrett, #696 dial depth micrometer w/ case, G+; Starrett #440A depth micrometer w/ case, G+; Brown & Sharpe 0-4” caliper, G+ (marked C.S. Co.)
  635. Tray lot assorted machinist tools (look at the photo)
  636. Tray lot assorted Architect’s tools: Eagle compass/divider w/ original box, G; Altender & Son, Phila. straight rule, Vg; A.&B. Smith, straight rule, Vg; Harrisburg Blue Print Co. “U.S. Std.” straight rule, G; parallel rule, g
  637. Early Stanley #66 universal hand beader w/  fence & pack of replacement blades, G+-Vg
  638. 3pc. Aldon Products, violin maker’s brass shaves, VG
  639. 9 – Assorted 4”-4 ½” long small adjustable wrenches, G-Vg. makers: Peerless, Germany; Diamond Caulk Horseshoe Co; Crescent Tool Co.; Scholler; Williams & Co.; etc.
  640. 4 – Upson Nut Co. wooden 2ft. four-fold rules, G-Vg: #61 ½ square joint; #51 arch joint; #68; #61 square joint
  641. 4 – Various wooden rules, Vg: Stanley: English #36 1/2-12” two-fold caliper; #136 ½ - 5 ½” caliper; #136-3 ½” caliper; Upson Nut Co. #32-12 four-fold caliper
  642. Tray lot assorted calipers & other measuring devices: D.S. Beyer, Roadside, Pa, 16”, Vg; Brown & Sharpe center-square; Brown & Sharpe, inside caliper w/ original box; etc.
  643. 3 – Stanley “sweetheart” wooden marking gauges: 2 - #65 boxwood w/ inlaid brass mustache plate; #161 w/ brass improved plate, G.
  644. 3 – Various tool handles: Bagshaw & Field, Phila. rosewood handle w/ brass push button chuck, Vg; 2 – patent 3-19-1867, cast iron multi-tool handles, G-Vg.
  645. Brass head small pick for unknown use, vg
  646. Tray lot assorted tools (some project): ¼” lettering punch set in wooden slide-over box, Vg; unsigned oval head 8” marking gauge w/ brass stop screw, Vg; 3 – marking gauges, missing stop screws; Stanley #47 spring arm pencil holder
  647. 6 – Assorted tools: brass 1 ½” Powhatan brass hose nozzle, G; Brevetes wood screw threading tap & die set, G+; Mann Specialty Tool Co. “Hold-Fast”; stone chisel; odd Craftsman “Speed” ratchet; Lowell Wrench Co. #0, pat. 4-4-1916, ratchet, G
  648. 2 – Lg. engineer’s turn-screw drivers: 27” w/ pad handle, G+; 21 ½” w/ turned handle & chain-link imprint on brass collar, G+
  649. 3 – Lg. Measuring devices: unsigned Stanley #20-20” try square w/ rosewood & brass handle, G; Brown & Sharpe #4-24” steel straight rule, Vg; Lufkin Rule Co. 3ft. can maker’s rule w/ calibration on one side & 7 gauges on reverse for size, quantity, circumference, etc.
  650. Tray lot of numbering tools: set 3/8” numbering punches, Vg; set ½” numbering punches, G; set ¼” numbering punches, G+; 2 – various hammers
  651. 7 – Assorted measuring devices: 2 – sliding-T bevels: Standard Rule w/ brass & rosewood handle, G+; Upson Nut Co. w/ rosewood & brass handle, G+; Stanley R&L 24” straight rule, vg; 2 – 2ft. four-fold wooden rules: Lufkin #48; Standard Rule Co. #53 ½ architect’s, F+-G; 2 – 1ft. four-fold calipers, P-F.
  652.  4 – Various drilling tools: Stanley: #984 right-angle ratchet brace, F-G; Goodell-Pratt Mfg. right-angle ratchet, G; Wiley & Russell Mfg. “Lightning” screw-plate (??); North Bros. “Yankee” chain drill, G
  653. 7 – Assorted measuring devices: Stanley: #0 wooden marking gauge, G; #34 1/2V-12” straight rule, vg; #27-2ft. four-fold rule, G; 2 – “Hold-Fast” lock-lever sliding-T bevels, G+; 2 – 1ft. four-fold rules, F
  654. 4 – Drilling devices: Faust & Co. T-handle twist auger, G; 1 ¼” “New-old-Stock” auger, missing  slide in handle; James Swan auger handle, Vg; screw-out auger handle, F
  655. 5 – Wooden marking gauges, P-G: 3 – E.W. Carpenter, Lancaster; C. Pratt, Buckland, Mass. 8”; Casey & Co.
  656. Tray lot assorted measuring devices: 6 – various sliding-T bevels, G-Vg; Master Rule #106M-6ft. Interlox rule, Vg; Stanley adv. 6” rule, vg; Lufkin adv. 6” rule, vg; Lufkin #X-46 12” folding rule, Vg; etc.
  657. 5 – Wooden four-fold rules: Stanley: 3 - #61 square joint, G-Vg; #66 ½-3ft. oxbow joint, F; Upson Nut (?) #53 ½ arch joint architects, G
  658. 8 – Various wooden jointer molding planes (look at photo). Makers include: Bibighaus, Phila.; T.D.; Brown & Barnard; H. Kab; etc.
  659. 6 – Assorted wooden molding planes: P. Chapin, Baltimore, two-way T&G plane, Vg; Union Factory, H. Chapin, cove, G+; H. Chapin, dado, Ohio Tool Co. dado; etc.
  660. 6 – Assorted wooden molding planes (look at photo for cuts), G-Vg. Makers include: Arthur; Sandusky; Union Factory; & unsigned
  661. Lg. Box lot assorted early unsigned & project wooden molding planes (Look for yourself lot)

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Catalog Reference Codes


Excellent condition

Nearly new condition with original finish and no noted damage.


Very Good condition

Small cracks in wooden parts, no repairs.  Has minor loss to original finish. Ideal for collector’s or display purpose.


Good condition

Minor cracks in wood parts, repairs may be needed for use, has substantial paint or finish loss. Minor rust damage on iron planes & tools.  Ideal for users or those wishing to refurbish for collection. 


Fair condition

Substantial cracks to wooden or metal parts.  Most parts still intact, but may have had substantial repair or replaced parts.  Major rust damage.  Needs attention or repair prior to use. Good for parts.


Poor condition

Major damage or altered pieces. Has deep pitted rusting to iron & metal pieces.  Good for parts use only, or major repair work.


Cataloger’s note: This list is a guide that contains our description of each piece.  We used several tool references, guides and years of experience handling these tools to create these descriptions.  However, many pieces are hand wrought for a particular purpose and no reference to their use exists.

Rarity” is a very difficult attribute to determine, but we considered how often these pieces have come across our auction block in the past several years to make that distinction.  This may not always be in agreement with all price or collector guides.

The conditional reference was done in a fashion that we felt described the quality or condition of each piece.  Please refer to the chart above.

Absentee bids:  We strongly recommend that anyone wishing to place an absentee bid examine the item in person first.  If you choose to place an absentee bid based on the description in the catalog alone, without examining the item personally, you do so at your own risk. The tools are described in an as found condition. You are the final judge. NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Anyone wishing to place a bid with our auction firm must have either personally examined the tools during the preview times, or have made prior contact with our office staff at Horst Auction Center, (717) 738-3080.