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Buying Information

Horst Auction Bidding Information


No Buyer's Premium - There is no buyer's premium at Horst Auction.

To register for a number - you must show a current valid driver's license or a state photo ID.

Payment methods - acceptable methods of payment are as follows:

  1. Cash
  2. Good Pennsylvania check
  3. MAC/Debit card (only available at the Auction Center, not sales at other locations)
  4. Out of state check with bank recommendation letter
  5. Cashier's check
  6. Any other payment methods must be arranged with the Auction Center prior to the sale.

Absentee bids - the following rules apply to absentee bidding: Absentee bids are only accepted at the Auction Center (not at sales on location).

  1. Bidder must preview item, unless it is a cataloged antique or book sale.
  2. Minimum absentee bid of $25 per item will be accepted.
  3. All bids must be received 1/2 hour before the start of the sale.
  4. Item(s) must be paid for and removed from the Auction Center within one week after the sale.
  5. Item(s) may not be removed until full payment is made.

Out-of-State checks will not be accepted unless accompanied by a letter of recommendation from your bank (on bank letterhead) stating that you are a customer in good standing.

No credit cards - credit cards are not currently accepted at Horst Auction (or we'd have to charge a buyer's premium!