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Horst Auction

Call Us (717) 738-3080

Fax (717)-738-2132


Welcome to The
Horst Auction Center

The Horst Auction Center was constructed in 1991. Our facility has a seating capacity of approximately 600, with heat and air conditioning to allow for year-round comfort.


Upcoming Auctions

View Our Upcoming Auctions


You may click the link above to view our upcoming auctions. The Horst Auction Center sits on a three acre tract at the corner of Rt. 322 and Durlach Road just outside Ephrata PA. The facility includes an auction gallery that measures 55' x 105', with built-in display cases along one wall. The gallery also has a stage for displaying furniture, with a loading dock for easy loading of larger items.

Selling Information

Selling Your Personal Items

  • General Consignment
  • Specialty Auctions
  • Furniture
  • Real Estate

Horst Auction is always accepting quality consignments for upcoming specialty auctions. We offer competitive commission rates, targeted mailing lists, and quality preparation and promotion for each of our auctions.

Products Sold at an Auction

  • Sold For $67,000
  • Sold For $6,400
  • Sold For $37,000
  • Sold For $352,000
    Real estate

History of Horst Auction

The Horst family has been in the auction business since approximately 1900. Started by A. A. Landis, Tim and Tom's great-grandfather, and carried on by his son-in-law, Titus S. Horst. Titus continued to call auctions part-time, as well as building homes as a master carpenter. His experience was passed on to his son, T. Glenn Horst, who entered the auctioneering business in 1956. T. Glenn carried on his dad's tradition of building custom homes by day, and calling sales in the evenings and on Saturdays. In the early 1960's, T. Glenn offered his services to the Cocalico Valley Historical Society, calling their sales on a volunteer basis until the late 1980's.

After much consideration, the Horst family decided that the time had come to build a facility that was specifically designed to hold public sales. With experienced auctioneers/builders in charge, a building was constructed that could accommodate the size and quality of sales that the business had grown into. The Wednesday evening consignment sales became an immediate success for both buyers and sellers alike. In addition, the catalogued antique sales continued to increase in attendance and antique quality.

Please visit our about us page to learn more about our history.

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